Netrunner Spring Kit Tournament- April 10th, 2016

On Sunday 10th April I ran my first Netrunner Tournament. The event was hosted at Lvl Up in Bournemouth and I was running the event on behalf of Bag of Holding after the normal organiser had to miss the event. Nine other players turned up on the day, mostly locals but a couple of first timers and I was only going to play if we had an odd number, which we did, so we had 5 parings. Due to the low numbers we decided to forgo a cut and just played 5 rounds of swiss.
The prize support was the FFG Spring Tournament Kit which has the Leela Patel alt art for the top 2, Brain Damage tokens for the winner and Political Operative alt arts for the participants.

This was my 4th tournament and the first I haven’t tried to run Noise and some kind of NBN variant. This time I took my Kit Gingerbread Dinosaur deck and Harmony Medtech.

My decks were-

Kit (Shaper)


  • 3 Diesel
  • 3 Dirty Laundry
  • 2 Indexing
  • 1 Lucky Find
  • 3 Modded
  • 3 Sure Gamble
  • 3 The Maker’s Eye


  • 2 Akamatsu Mem Chip
  • 2 Dinosaurus
  • 2 Feedback Filter
  • 2 Plascrete Carapace
  • 2 R&D Interface


  • 3 Daily Casts
  • 1 Data Dealer
  • 1 Hunting Grounds


  • 2 Gingerbread
  • 2 Gordian Blade
  • 2 Magnum Opus
  • 3 Panchatantra
  • 3 Self-modifying Code

Harmony Medtech (Jinteki)


  • 3 Global Food Initiative
  • 3 The Future Perfect


  • 3 Bio-Ethics Association
  • 1 Genetics Pavilion
  • 2 Jackson Howard
  • 3 Mumba Temple
  • 3 PAD Campaign
  • 1 Project Junebug
  • 2 Snare!
  • 3 Sundew


  • 1 Caprice Nisei


  • 2 Diversified Portfolio
  • 3 Hedge Fund


  • 2 Bastion
  • 2 Hive
  • 1 Wall of Thorns
  • 2 Lotus Field
  • 1 Turing
  • 1 Komainu
  • 2 Neural Katana
  • 1 Pup
  • 2 Swordsman

Game 1– Vs Adam- Loss- Noise and Near Earth Hub. Loss. Adam is a great player and tends to finish highly in local tournaments. Solid game that wasn’t as much of a whitewash as I expected. Noise hurt and I didn’t get enough end the run out early. My econ also didn’t quite get rolling which made it very hard to properly get set up. NEH was fast advance and I again stalled because of econ (despite getting far more out). I managed to steal an Astroscript and burn the first San San but the second came out to quickly and I was blocked from R&D by a late Little Engine. By the time I’d recovered, which was just a couple of turns, fast advance had scored out and won.

Game 2 vs Dave- Draw- Andromeda and Haas Bioroid- Engineering The Future. Draw. I got up and running pretty quickly with HM this time, since Andromeda gave me a couple of turns of breathing room. The game went fairly well and I scored a Future Perfect fairly early before my opponent stole 2 Global Fool Initiatives. It was at this point that I made a fairly serious error that cost me the game. My opponent, on click 3 or 4 ran my thinly Ice’s HQ and drew a snare, which I popped for my last 4 credits knowing he was broke and couple afford another run. That dropped him to 0 cards but, what I didn’t realise, was that he’d played a HQ interface earlier in the game and he drew the Future Perfect in my hand. As we both had 0 credits the psy game was a bit of a moot point and he won the game.

The reverse game Was a little more successful. My econ got up and running nice and early with Magnum Opus in my opening hand and I managed to get out Gingerbread on Dinosaurus with a Panchatantra within the first few turns, along with a Gordian Blade, meaning I could get into a double Ice’d served pretty easily. My opponent scored out a Private Security Force early on before Indexing, R&D Interface and Makers Eye scored me a couple of quick Agenda putting me ahead. Another Private Security Force was scored by my opponents stripping a Panchetantra from my hand, which was pretty annoying, but a few turns of double dip R&D runs while building money ensured that I could afford to get into any server when my opponent tried to score out. In the end it was another R&D run that gave me the last 3 points I needed to win.

Game 3 vs Mazz- Draw- Fisk and Palana Foods  Mazz is one of my most regular opponents and so he knew my decks pretty well while I knew nothing about his as they were new on the day. Mazz has played variants of Palana for a little while so I had an idea of what to expect but I knew he’d made a whole load of changes. Palana’s plan is to keep the runner poor and make then them overdraw and discard, working on the assumption that they’ll end up discarding cards they’ll later need. This game came down to a novice mistake on my part, which was the assumption that I could install a console and then host an already installed program on it, which I couldn’t (stupid, giving me false information). That made my rig weaker and derailed me a little, which opened a scoring window to let Mazz win.

The reverse game was interesting. It turns out that Mazz’s Fisk deck was remarkably good at milling corp cards, via forced draw. He ran recurred Fisk Investment Seminars, Lady in the Red Dress and Doppleganger with Lampray for click efficiency while forcing another draw with Fisk’s ability. Given that my HM deck is only 44 cards the forced draw really started to hurt and forced me to put a lot of assets in play in order to not discard them. In the end it was the fact that I run a slightly glacial HM deck, along with bad econ draws, that prevented Mazz getting into my remotes and gave me the chance to score out and win.

These were interesting games as Mazz was basically milling cards in both decks and forcing me to make decisions, which is a solid approach to the game as your opponent will eventually make a poor decision.

Game 4 vs Laura- Win- Sunny and Haarpsichord. I ran against Haapsichord first, my first ever game against that particular ID. I got a strong starting hand that let me get breakers out almost immediately and I was fairly confident that my Gingerbread Dinosaur set up (Gingerbread on Dinosaurus) would be fairly effective against the Tracer heavy NBN IC, even without the need for Panchetantra. Laura scored out a couple of early agenda, Breaking News and 15 minutes and then a Project Beale that, fortunately wasn’t over advanced.

The first thing I managed to access was a News Hound but, fortunately, I had my Data Dealer in hand and immediately played it and sold the minus point for 9 creds, Data Dealer is a really good one card splash in almost any deck. After I managed to pull another Beale from R&D she tried for a Midseasons that I just about had the credits to fend off. As the game proceeded my deck came up with more or less perfect draw, giving me my full suite which allowed me access whenever I needed it and allowed me to put pressure on the servers as needed and manage to get a scoring win.

The reverse match against Sunny was another first, as I’ve never played against Sunny. Laura was, amongst other breakers, running Faust and I’d planned for Faust expecting to see several on the day, so my deck had 2 Swordsman, Turing and a couple of Hives in there to make it expensive for Faust to get in. My assets were punishing for Laura, limiting her draw with Genetics Pavilion, a real issue for Faust, and causing damage with the newly released Bio-Ethics Association forcing her to run the remotes to trash them. Swordsman trashed Faust after a HQ run and that gave me a scoring window with a Hive guarded remote and I scored out a Future Perfect. I believe Laura managed to steal a Global Food from an R&D run before I scored out the 2nd Future Perfect before she managed to get a breaker out and pressure my remote.

These were probably my favourite games of the day. It was nice to play something different and Laura’s NBN deck runs like my own so it was nice to see how it feels running against it and it’s vastly more stressful than my opponents let on. I was fortunate here that my decks worked exactly as I would want, with cards coming in the right order, as I needed them, otherwise this might have gone pretty differently.

Game 5– Ben, Draw-  Leela and Blue Sun. This was my last game of the day. Ben is another semi-regular opponent and I’ve played against variations of his Blue Sun deck several times, never with much success. Ben assured me he was only planning to burn my house down a little with Wayland this time but that left me with little comfort.

First up I ran against Blue Sun. Ben’s usual 1st play of an Oversight AI on Curtain wall didn’t happen and I managed to get some econ working with Magnum and Daily Casts. Also, not trusting that he didn’t want to murder me, I quickly played 2 Plascrete Carapaces. Unfortunately it took me several turns to get any breakers out and Ben quickly went 5-0 up and managed to get a whole lot of credits in the bank. After I managed to get my full suite out I started running with Makers Eye, Indexing and R&D Interface, hitting R&D and managing to pull a single agenda, despite several multi accesses. I also had a very expensive run against his scoring remote that managed to score a 2 point agenda bringing the score to 5-4. Ben scored out a 3-1 and, after several unsuccessful HQ runs being denied by Caprice, I went all out into R&D, taking 4 Brain damage from Janus in the process but I did tie the score at 6-6.

At this point Ben played a Public Support and rezzed it at the end of my turn. I had 2 more turns to be able to try and steal the last point and just 1 card in hand. I took a turn to build up money and then took a chance running R&D with multi-access in the hope I’d be able to score out, it was about my only option as I couldn’t afford to get into the server with Public Support in it. Unfortunately he rezzed another Janus (having taken it back into hand and so I wasn’t sure what it was) and caused me another 4 damage, wrecking my brain and winning.

The return game started well, I managed to get my economy up and running quite quickly with a pair of Sundews and then build up the same asset suite I did against Laura, Bio-Ethics, which Ben promptly trashed, and Genetics Pavilion, which hurt him after he took some net Damage from IC. I scored a quick Global Foods which let Ben access with Gang Sign and he unfortunately drew a Snare, which I triggered and flatlined him as he had 2 cards in hand. This was a quick game and, to be fair to Ben, he wasn’t really on his top game as it was the last game of the day.

The  final standings were-

So, even with the Draw in the last game that put Ben in 1st place. I came in a respectable 5th ending literally neutral for the day with 3 draws, a loss and a win and that put me dead in the middle of the table. That said, that’s the 1st tournament I didn’t finish last place, so I’m pretty happy with that as a result.

All things told, given that this was the first event I’ve run I thought it went well and the fact it was my best placing is purely coincidental. For running the event I got a full playset of the alt art Political Operative and the store gave away a few more Alt Arts after the event so I picked up 2 more Pop Up Windows to complete my playset.