Matt Bramley - No Games No Glory BlogSo who and what is No Games. No Glory?

No Games. No Glory was launched in 2014 by Matt (Trebor Minntt) after I was searching for UK guides to building asteroids for the X-Wing miniatures game. What I discovered is that all the guides and virtually all gaming review sites are US based, with the US customer in mind, which meant I needed to go out and find everything for myself. Given the trouble I encountered I thought sharing my knowledge and experience with the UK gaming community in mind would be a worthwhile endeavour

I’ve been gaming seriously for 20 years and identifies the original Heroquest game as being responsible for my gaming awakening back in 1989. Since the mid nineties I’ve DM’d a game at least once per week, including several multi-year campaigns for D&D, Call of Cthulhu and Shadowrun and and have amassed a sizable collection of miniatures, roleplaying and board games (see the request review page).

– Matt (who really isn’t photogenic)

I am not…

  • a retailer.
  • a manufacturer.
  • a PR agency.

I don’t…

  • work in the sector, or have any shares or other linkage with those which do.
  • write about products I don’t like. I just wont bother.

I do…

  • undertake reviews. This means I have physically tested the product. All reviews are clearly labeled as such, and I will state my relationship with the product i.e. how I came to review the item. I review items I have bought with my hard earned cash, not just the items which are sent to me.
  • accept paid advertising on the site, however, this does not mean the items advertised will be featured in an editorial. Advertising on this site is not a form of endorsement. You can advertise your product and/or service on this site by contacting me.
  • link with affiliate programmes such as Amazon, this means if you follow a link I have provided to a product and then go on to purchase that product I receive a very small % of the cost. It’s very, very small. I do not however link to products because they are part of an affiliate programme.
  • take sponsored content. This means I have been paid to host content on this site. If I have sponsored content it will be clearly marked as such.
  • follow the UK law when it comes to advertorial and paid content. Basically, that means I will be telling you I have been paid to host the content. If it doesn’t say that on the page, then it’s not. It’s that simple.

If you have any questions, do get in touch.

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