New Year, More Games, More Glory

It’s a brand new year and 2016 is the third calendar year that No Games, No Glory has been around for. It’s been an interesting road for me, a hard one at times, but a really fun ride nonetheless and I’m hoping it all gets bigger and better in 2016.

I’m not a fan of New Years Resolutions, mostly because I never keep them, so I don’t want to make a list of my gaming resolutions and I don’t want to tie myself into some odd challenge that I regret once I get out of the first week of January but I do have a few things I’m hoping to do this year and I’d like to share them with you.

First up I’d like to attend more tournaments, both X-Wing and Netrunner. I highly doubt i’ll go further than Store Championships or seasonal kits but I really would like to attend more and get my hands on some more of the awesome alt art cards that Fantasy Flight Games are putting out. For X-Wing I’d really like to win a Tournament this year, since the best i’ve managed so far is 3rd but just making the top half in each event is enough.

Second, i’d like to get back to running my own RPG for my Monday night group. Playing is making a really nice change as i’m feeling pretty burnt out after running games for 4 years straight, but my true love is running games. Hopefully as we roll into the second half of the year i’ll be back on track and getting ready to take my players back to Dragonlance’s Krynn, Shadowrun’s Dystopian Future or experiancing the Horror on the Orient Express for Cthulhu.

Third, I’d really like to start using video on the site. I’m not sure how this will work yet, whether it’ll be via a linked YouTube channel, embedded video or some other method I haven’t considered yet. I expect things like the X-Wing unboxings will migrate over to video form to bring them a little more into the 21st century and I might talk about a few other things that take my fancy. I’d also like to film some games of X-Wing occasionally and provide some commentary on them but that lets take things one step at a time.

Last, I just want to play, and write about, more games. I started No Games, No Glory because I wanted to find a way of expressing myself about my favourite hobby and I still love doing that. It’s getting harder to find content, despite the fact that I own a huge library of RPGs and a more modest board game library, I need to feel inspired to write about something as this isn’t my job, it’s a hobby but i’m hoping I can find a little more of that inspiration over the coming months and branching out into some newer games should help that.

Happy New Year Folks, I hope that your opponents are worthy, your dice roll true and characters come alive.

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