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Preparing for my first X-Wing Tournament, Part 1

X-Wing Store Championship 2015 Prize Support

Late last year I signed up for my very first X-Wing Tournament, which is one of the Store Championships and it takes place in February at Entoyment in Poole, Dorset. As this is my very first X-Wing Tournament and actually my first real tournament of any kind other than a few MtG ones as a kid, I thought it’d be interesting to document how I’m going about preparing.

The first thing is that I know I’d like to come in the top 4. This is primarily because I would like to win the plastic Focus tokens that form part of the prize support supplied by FFG. I don’t really care about coming first because this is a proper Store Championship and it feeds into the Regional, National and World Championships and since I probably won’t be going to Regionals even if I win I think it’s unfair for me to take that win (and the 1st round bye that is afforded the winner of a Store Championship) away from someone who could potentially go further overall than I intend to. That’s not to say I won’t be playing to win though and if i end up in the final i certainly won’t be throwing the game.

Now, despite wanting to come top 4, I am under no illusion that this will happen. There is a good chance that some serious players will show up to the event and I’ve only played a very small group of people in the past, so my experience is limited. I don’t think that I’m bad at the game, by any means, but I also don’t think I’m excellent. I’m also pretty new to the game, having only invested in it in the latter half of 2014. To a degree I’ve been playing since it was released, as some friends bought in early on, but I didn’t play all that often before I picked up my own force.

So, onto the all imported question, list choice.

The first step is pretty easy, I’ll be taking Rebels, simply because I only own Rebels and I don’t want to have to borrow ships off someone else or use ships that I’m unfamiliar with. So, what to take? For ease of reference I’ll list what have so you can see what I’m working with-

1 x Corvette

1 x Rebel Transport

5 x X-Wings (including the expansion pack and Rebel Transport Pilots)

5 x Z95 Headhunters

3 x A-Wings (including the expansion pack and Rebel Aces)

3 x B-Wings (including the expansion pack and Rebel Aces)

3 x E-Wings

2 x Y-Wings

1 x HWK-290

2 x YT-2400

1 x YT-1300

As you can see, I have more or less everything for Rebels but I don’t have cards that only specifically come with Imperial Expansions, cards such as Predator so I am somewhat limited in what I can use.  The Tournament is a standard 100 point list with the requirement that all Pilots and Upgrades used are represented by the appropriate cards. Also, as it’s a standard tournament that throws both of the Huge ships out of contention (not that I’d use either in competition even if I could). The tournament rules can be found over on the FAQ page.

As you may know from this post, I have recently been running a Rebel Swarm (A-Z) list against my friends and so, initially, considered whether I should take this. In addition I played around with other combinations, mostly tried and tested ones as I want to do well, and ended up with a few options-

  • Duel YT’s, likely a YT-2400 and a YT-1300
  • Tri YT’s, 2 YT-2400’s and a YT-1300
  • A-Z Swarm (3 A-Wings and 3 Z95 Headhunters)
  • YT-2400 and Wingman (Some variant of the Super Dash set up)
  • YT-1300 and Wingman (some variant of the Fat Han set-up)
  • XXBB (2 X-Wings and 2 B-Wings)

Six lists is a few too many to try and contend with and certainly too many to try and refine before the Tournament in roughly six weeks’ time.  I doubt I’ll be able to play more than a couple of games per week and so I need to start narrowing it down to the top 2 or 3 lists to work with.

Next time I’ll discuss how I’ll narrow down my choices, give more specific force lists and go into some detail as to how I’m refining the lists to give me something that I can comfortably fly.

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