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Preparing for my first X-Wing Tournament, Part 4

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So this will be the last part in the series prior to the tournament.  Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get in quite as much practice as I wanted due to outside factors so I’m a little limited in my experience with some of the lists. I managed to play out another couple of games using a new spin on an old list-

Corran/Dash MKII

  • Corran Horn- 36
  • R2-D2- 4
  • Fire Control System- 2
  • Veteran Instincts- 1


  • Dash Rendar- 36
  • Outrider Title -5
  • HLC- 7
  • Veteran Instincts- 1
  • Proton Rockets- 3
  • Lando Calrissian- 2
  • Experimental Interface- 3

 Total- 100 Points

This list is a little bit of a risk, it relies quite heavily on Lando rolling well (roughly a 46% chance of any 2 actions). I have strong protection against Phantoms with 2 pilots with VI and PS of 9 and 10 and the Proton Rockets give me a one off shot at a Phantom that Strays too close. Both ships are adept at arc dodging, although the lack of any Engine Upgrades hinders that a little. Damage output if good but not excellent, though it can be quite consistent and the list is reasonably durable as long as Lando works. The downside is that my moves will often be fairly predictable because I need to make green manoeuvres to regain shields on Corran and shed stress on Dash.

I took the list out for 2 games, first against a Deci-Phantom list and then against a Chewie/Corran list and it worked reasonably well. In game 1 I lost Corran within the first couple of turns due to some terrible luck with the dice. Even with that being the case Dash managed to hold his own for a good number of rounds before I made the mistake of barrel rolling towards the Phantom having erroneously thought that I could use my proton Rockets in a 360 arc (that’s what I get for using an app to build lists). I firmly believe that I could have won the game if not for this foolish move.

 Game 2 was harder. Chewie had Wingman on and so was sucking up criticals that Corran was taking, making him even more durable. In the end we both managed to kill each other’s Corran on the same turn and it came down to a duel of YT’s. After 5 rounds and only 2 points of damage each we called the game a draw. Again, I think I would have won this game but it would have gone well beyond the 60 mins that tournament games are allowed.

 After the games I reflected on the list. I certainly had a hot streak with Lando to the extent that I didn’t need to use his tokens every time and having 2 very high PS pilots means that Phantoms are significantly more wary of you. The only change I’d make would be to drop the Proton Rockets, they act as an interesting deterrent but either Dash should be able to slip away or Corran should be able to cover him so that a Phantom only ever gets a single range 1 shot anyway, at most.

There aren’t exactly a lot of free upgrade slots left in the list and 3 points isn’t quite enough to take an engine upgrade so I plumbed for a Stealth Device on Corran instead of the Proton Rockets on Dash. I’d have gone for a Hull Upgrade but i don’t own the card. This gives Corran just a little more survivability as he should hopefully be able to stay on 4 defence for at least a few shots.

 I’m cautiously hopeful with the list. I think it’s rounded enough against most lists and strong against a couple, specifically 2 ship lists and Phantoms. Will it take down a fully laden Fat Han? I don’t know, I think much will come down to the dice on that one, that and keeping Han at Range 3. I think this set up is weakest against a full TIE Swarm as it doesn’t quite have the speed to dodge perfectly and so a wrong move could lead to death via weight of fire.

I was going to post a breakdown of my day at the tournament but owing to ill health I couldn’t make it in the end, which really sucked. It sounds like competition was fierce and my own regular opponent came in 10th out of 24 which is very respectable for his first tournament. With that said, I’ve learnt a huge amount while practicing for the tournament and I feel like my own game has improved substantially and so my time wasn’t wasted (as if any time playing X-Wing is wasted….).

I’d like to thank Pete at Entoyment, the tournament venue, as he still gave me one of the alt art Soontir Fel participation cards which is very generous of him. I fully intend to make it to the tournament next year and I’ll be even more prepared.

Soontir Fel, alternate art card

Until next time, Fly Casual.

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