RPGaDay 2015 Day 17, Favourite Fantasy RPG


I’m trying to remember the different fantasy RPGs i’ve played. I don’t think it’s all that many, especially if you only could the whole of D&D as one. Off the top of my head its-

  • D&D in it’s myriad of forms and settings.
  • Stormbringer
  • WFRP (specifically 3rd ed)
  • Earthdawn
  • Numenera
  • Runequest

The question is an easy one to answer though, it’s D&D, it’s not just my favourite fantasy RPG, it’s my favourite RPG period.

Other fantasy games are fun but nothing quite achieves the same goal as D&D, especially when you take into account the various settings. If I want a horror setting I have Ravenloft, if I want low magic, Dragonlance, high fantasy noir, Eberron and for limitless possibilities I turn to Planescape.

I like other games, I love the setting of WFRP (pre End Times, I’m not sold on Age of Sigmar) with its black comedy and ever-present threat of falling to Chaos. I like Earthdawn for all it’s little nods and links to Shadowrun and I think my feelings about Numenera are pretty apparent but this point.

Runequest I enjoyed, no so much for the system or setting (in fact I could literally tell you nothing about the setting), but because of one particular character, Ralph the Goatherd. Ralph is one of may favourite all time characters, he was stupid, being barely more intelligent than the parties ogre who, in turn was barely more intelligent than his pet/lover bison named Fluffy. He adventured because he’d lost his goats (because the ogre ate them) and saved the world a couple of times by accident.

Unfortunately I think my experiences with Stormbringer (as detailed a little on day 16) soured me on the setting, despite being a fan of Moorcock and Elric of Melnibone.

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