#RPGaDay 2015 Day 19, Favourite Supers RPG


This is probably the hardest of the entire challenge because, as far as I remember, I’ve played exactly 1 Supers RPG, ever. It was a Marvel game, quite possibly the classic TSR game, Marvel Super Heroes but I honestly can’t be sure. I don’t even really remember what happened all that well, I know Wolverine ran off and attacked something but that’s about all I recall.

If I was going to try a new Supers game I’d probably go for either Mutants and Masterminds, Marvel Heroic (mostly because it’s by Margaret Weis Productions and it’s powered by Cortex), or maybe something like Silver Age Sentinels.

Actually, it just leapt to mind, I do have a favourite, Spirit of the Century, it’s not a classic Supers game but the Centurion concept does kind of fit with the Super Hero theme. Spirit of the Century was my first foray into the FATE system and it’s a perfect system for a game about exceptional people doing absolutely extraordinary things. I love the early 20th century setting because any game that lets me put my uber villain on a zeppelin is going to be a winner and when that villain can have an intelligent gorilla in a suit as a heavy, then it might just be one of the best things ever.


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