#RPGaDAY 2015 Day 27, Favourite Idea merging two games into one. 


At first I couldn’t really think of any examples of this and so I had to go take a look at my collection and it turns out that I own a few games that meet this criteria and actually like them a whole lot.

First of all, a shout-out to one that is just absolutely terrible, Cthulhutech. I got this game for a few reasons, firstly that it’s Cthulhu related and secondly because I was going through a phase of just picking up new systems. I imagine that, to the right group and in the right hands it’s probably amazing but to me it’s just awful. The system is just strange, with the ability to combine dice in weird ways to get a total and the setting, post-apocalyptic Cthulhu (after the Old Ones rise) sounds like it should work, but doesn’t.

Onto one that does, Deadlands. This combines the Wild West and Steampunk to make something awesome. I love the way the background makes the setting work and how crazy ideas are actually fuelled by evil demons. Deadlands, all 3 of them (Weird West, Wasted West and Lost Colony) are settings I have a lot of time and love for and have clearly had a whole lot of time and effort put in to make them work.

The winner though is, unsurprisingly, Shadowrun. Shadowrun mixes traditional fantasy with dystopian Cyberpunk into a setting that is just so much better than any traditional Cyberpunk style game. I’ve mentioned in other articles how deep the fluff on Shadowrun is, and that’s the main reason it’s my favourite combination of two games. I’m not going to go into a whole load of more detail about it, I’ve covered it on other days so you can go read about it there is you like.

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