#RPGaDAY 2015 Day 29, Favourite Blog/Website


I guess it’d be pretty egotistical to say my own blog but I genuinely really do get a kick out of writing this, even if it’s never read by all that many people. Writing my blog makes me feel like I’m vaguely connected with the gaming industry as a whole despite not actually being employed in the industry.

Realistically, my favourite website is RPG.Net. It’s a great hub within the gaming community and it covers a truly massive range of games. More than once I’ve discovered a game on RPG.net that I never knew existed and it’s turned into something that I absolutely love. RPG.net introduced me to such games as FATE, Spirit of the Century and Burning Wheel, which I consider to be pivotal in teaching me to new ways to run a game. RPG.Net is also the place I tend to find out about upcoming releases and projects that I’d otherwise miss, like the massively exciting John Carter RPG.

There isn’t much else to say on this. My other favourite website was Secrets of the Kargatane, a Ravenloft Fansite and later official site, but that closed down many years ago and with it ended one of the greatest campaigns I’ve ever played, the Galen Saga.

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