#RPGaDAY 2015 Day 31, Favourite Non-RPG thing to come out of gaming


Wow, Day 31 is finally here. I must admit, the challenge has been a whole lot harder than I expected it to be and some days have been pretty tough with today being no exception.

It’s probably the easy answer for this but, for me personally, the best non-rpg thing to come out of gaming is probably my group of friends. Several of my close friends I met at uni but a good number of others I have really grown close to as a result of gaming and we’ve become friends beyond that. If we hadn’t roleplayed together there is a good chance that we wouldn’t have met and so I’d either have different friends or, more likely, have very few friends.

Gaming is great like that, it can bring people together with a common goal and help people come out of their shell in a safe environment. Now that doesn’t apply to me, I’m pretty extroverted anyway, but I’ve know people that aren’t and gaming is a great outlet for them. In addition gaming lets you push boundaries and explore themes that you may not otherwise be comfortable exploring.

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