RPGaDay- 2016 Day 14, Your dream team of people you used to game with?


Honestly, my present group is the group I most enjoy gaming with, most of us have been gaming together for over 10 years and I like the group dynamic. For virtually everything I play I’d choose my current group to play with.

That said, in certain instances I’d pick some other people to round out the group or add a little extra enthusiasm. For Shadowrun I’d like to add a couple of people I used to game with, people who have a strong grasp of the setting and lore. Certain games work best when the players understand the setting, the players, the history of the world and Shadowrun is absolutely one of them.

For Cthulhu I’d like to play under Chris again, although I fear it’s a case of rose tinted glasses here. Still, I enjoy  being a player in a Call of Cthulhu campaign and it’s something I never really get to do. I’d pick the same group of people to play with, Alex especially as his enthusiasm for the game almost matches my own.

For Ravenloft I’d like my friend Andy to run the game, he has a love for the setting that is unmatched by anyone I know and I find that it takes that kind of commitment to make a setting shine. Likewise, if I wanted to play the ideal game of any World Of Darkness game, i’d get James to run it.

I guess my conclusion here is that my current group is awesome but, if I could pick the ideal group from people i’ve played with in the past, it would involve some people who excel at running the games I like to play and that way I’d get to play a little more in the settings that I care about most.

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