RPGaDay- 2016 Day 18, What innovation could RPG groups benefit from most?


To me, it’s AR. Artificial Reality is the future to me, far above and beyond what VR can offer. I see a future when everyone has it, all the time, like we have smart phones today, either built into glasses or contact lenses or simply implanted.

AR would allow the full virtual tabletop, without needing to remove people from a room with a VR headset. If a player is away, they could sit at the table with everyone else, visible through AR and see what they see because it’s all projected for everyone. Microsoft demonstrated Minecraft Hololens, but imagine that as your gaming table, imagine your dice being digital but still something you physically ‘roll’.

People could still gather in person but the game could be taken to another level with personal messages from the DM popping up when relevant and the scouts literally seeing things before the rest of the party and needing to relay that to the others without being taken aside.

More so though, it can be integrated with any of the various digital character builders to have those built into your field of view, to be updated in real time, reducing clutter on the table. A step further means that there will be no need for physical miniatures (if you use them), meaning less storage required in the home, as everything could be achieved via the AR field of vision.

We are just taking our first few steps into an AR world, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and it’s just the beginning, imagine not needing your phone to play, to be able to see the Pokemon though your own eyes, thats the potential of AR. Artificial Reality is the future, not just of gaming, but of how we integrate with the digital world as people and I think it’s impact on gaming will be significant.

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