RPGaDay 2016 Day 2- Favourite Session since August 2015


Since August 2015 I’ve been involved in just 2 campaigns. One was a very short lived Dragonlance campaign that I was running using the D&D 5th edition rules and the other is the one I’m currently playing in, which is a Dark Heresy 2nd edition Campaign.

Dark Heresy 2nd edition is significantly better than 1st edition and it allows us to do what the original system did not, which is play full ordained Interrogators within the Holy Inquisition of Mankind, with the power and horror that that honour bestows. This is really good for me, it gives me a way to grow my character within the confines of 40ks strict universe and gives me a goal and direction. For my character, Lady Pandora of House Frigore, a hive noble from an ice world, who was drafted into the company of an Inquisitor after her time on a Black Ship due to her psychic abilities, that goal is singular, to attain the rank of Inquisitor herself.

So what does this all have to do with my favourite session? Well it’s in the pursuit of that goal that that we ended up in my favourite session, which was actually very recently. After an extended mission looking into a Xenos smuggling operation Pandora was recuperating on a backwater world. She’d been in tough a Rogue Trader contact about any rumours concerning a Force Sword, since she wanted a more effective way to combat the enemies of Mankind and, in my mind and hers, it makes for a more imposing Inquisitorial figure. This came about because, off hand, I rolled a 01 on the requisition test for a Force Sword while we were re-equipping our characters.

Rather than just gift me a swords, something that felt very unrealistic to myself and my GM, it was agreed that we’d have a side quest around it. This lead us to a Space Hulk, one that was once a Black Ship with an Inquisitor on board, one who owned a force sword named the Scourge of Weakness. This ship had been lost after it’s geller fields failed and it succumbed to a warp attack, with all hands lost. On board we found that the ship had the sickly taint of Nurge and proceeded with caution.

My favourite session wasn’t the most recent however, which is the one in which we defeated the presence and claimed the sword while freeing the soul of the Inquisitor, it was the one before that, the one in which we were searching a black and derelict ship, one encrusted with rust and disease, with horrors lurking down every corridor and rheumy eyes peering from the darkness. I like sessions like that, ones with a touch of dungeon crawl and a dose of horror, they are more tense, and have a real feel of peril to them.

In my head I always liken sessions it to Doom 3 and it’s superb moment of horror when all the lights go out in a corridor and an evil laugh fills the air as the red back up lighting kicks in. The fear of the unknown is exciting, it draws you in and makers you hang on every description, analyse every clue lest you miss something that spells your doom. Roleplay is at it’s very finest to me when horror is incorporated and pulled off because the ever present threat of death is what makes the game exciting and horror, good horror, should always leave you feeling that death is an imminent possibility at all times.

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