RPGaDay 2016- Real Dice, dice app, diceless, how do you prefer to ‘roll?


Another year, another RPGaDay….

In the increasingly digital world I’ve seen an increase in the use of dice apps with companies like FFG using them for a number of their games such as WFRP, X-Wing, their Star Wars line and more. For FFG this makes sense since their games require specialist dice that can be expensive to get hold of, especially in the quantity you might need for the RPGs. Still, for me they don’t have the right feel to them, they can be useful for testing out probability, but it’s not the same as the tactile feel of the dice.

So, for me, it’s real dice and always will be. Specifically it’s these dice-

Green Dice

Or, sometimes, these dice-

Hematite Dice

The green gem set are dice I’ve had for almost 20 years and I’ve used them since fairly early in my gaming life. I use them whenever I’m a player but refuse to use them when I DM because I don’t think it’s fair to use my favourite dice in situations that might kill my players…

The 2nd set are stone dice, specifically hematite. If I’m not using the green dice then I use these when I’m a player. My wife bought these for me as a birthday present several years ago and I just really like the weight and feel of them. There are a number of alternative material dice, dinosaur bone, meteorite etc. that I’d love to get and use.

As a DM I use dice from one of the several pots of communal dice I have for players. I prefer to use these as I have less of a connection with them and so feel like they are less likely to favour me over my players.

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