#RPGaDAY 2105 Day 25, Favourite Revolutionary Game Mechanic


Yeah, I kind of said it all yesterday, but Plot Points, 100%, to the extent that I want to use them in literally every game I run.

Plot Points are an absolute game changer for me. They allow DM’s to dictate the plot in a way that would have always been considered railroading in the past but by rewarding players for this and building it into the story it makes it not just ok, but expected. Likewise it means that players can actually help tell the story and build the world beyond their own characters and that level of interaction helps players feel more connected to the world in general.

On top of all of that Plot Points can prevent a game getting stuck or stagnated if the players can’t think of a way around a particular problem. In a game of Numenera I recently ran the players had spent all their money on supplies getting to a town only to discover that they needed to buy specialist equipment for the next stage of the adventure. There was a whole lot of discussion, people trying to find work or sell items when one player just asked “Can I spend a plot point to say that I gamble my 10 shins playing cards and win 150 shins”? I thought about it for a second, thought about the character, who was a roguish type, and agreed. Just that little declaration got the game moving again and built the story of both the adventure and the character.

Plot Points are amazing and need to appear in more games. I don’t know when they first appeared, the first proper implementation of them to change to story, that I know of was in Spirit of the Century and the FATE system but I’m sure that’s not the first. Either way, whoever came up with Plot Point deserves some kind of an award for services to gaming.

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