RPGaDAY Day 13, Favourite RPG Podcast


This one is both easier and harder than most of the other days because I honestly don’t really listen to RPG Podcasts all that much. I’ve listened to a couple here and there, one or two review ones, individual Miskatonic University ones when there has been pertinent call of Cthulhu 7th edition information, the odd Shadowrun Critical Glitch episode and the official WoTC D&D Podcast. My general consumption of podcasts tends to be related to one of my other passions, Pro-Wrestling.

Of the limited RPG Podcasts I have listened to, my favourite has to be the official D&D one. First of all, it’s probably the best produced of the lot, which counts for a lot with me since I tend to listen during my commute to work and audio quality is important. Second, they tend to get a lot of guests on when have had an impact on D&D in the past and were involved with games and campaign settings that I love and I enjoy listening to stories of how they came into being.

Finally though, of all the D&D Podcasts I have listened to, the ones I like the best are the actual play ones. Most of these either come from conventions, like PAX or were recorded during the 5th ed playtest and what I like most about them is finding out how the creators of the game play. I find it really interesting that even those involved in the development of D&D play the same was as my home group. By this I don’t mean deep and involved roleplaying, or  through meaningful and heartfelt connections with their characters but through the stupid and idiotic plans that all players come up with.

It’s hard to explain or define why I find this important but I guess to me, as a perpetual DM, it gives me a little bit of validation that the work I put in elicits the same kind of play as those who are professionally involved in the industry. It shouldn’t be important, after all all that matters is that the people at my table have fun, but it still feels good. It also helps that it’s hysterically funny.


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