#RPGaDAY Day 6, Most Recent RPG played


This one is nice and easy, Numenera. About 2 weeks ago I finished running The Devil’s Spine campaign for Numenera and it was great. This was my first time running Numenera, aside from testing the game out with my party prior to diving headfirst into a full campaign.

It was a refreshing change from playing Shadowrun 3rd ed, which we had for the 2 years prior to Numenera. The two games are diametrically opposed in terms of complexity and the sheer number of dice you roll and it really suited my party to make the change, try something new and really focus on something light and fun, as opposed to dark, dystopian and cyberpunk.

Now, if it was a month further down the line my answer would be D&D, specifically 5th edition since thats the next campaign i’ll be running. I have to admit to being a little excited about returning to D&D, it’s been a long time and my groups opinion of the game soured after the debacle that was my 4th edition campaign. This time i’ll be going back to a setting I know well, one that i’ve loved for 25 years, Dragonlance, and the slow paced, low powered story driven game should be a nice change after the craziness that was Numenera.


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