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X-Wing Tournament 18/10/15

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On 18th October I took part in a casual X-Wing Tournament at LVL Up in Bournemouth. This wasn’t part of the standard organised play supported by FFG, there wasn’t a winter kit on the line and it wasn’t Store Championship (since they won’t restart until next year). However, prize support on the day was still pretty awesome-

  • 1st Place-  £30.00 Store Vouchers
  • 2nd Place- £20.00 Store Vouchers
  • 3rd Place- £10 Store Vouchers
  • Last Place- Wooden Spoon and £5.00 Vouchers
  • Quickest Win- Set of Acrylic Movement Templates.

I wasn’t originally going to be playing as I was busy but a last minute cancellation meant that I was free. As I wasn’t going to be playing and owing to a pretty full on few months i’ve only managed to play 2 games since the release of Wave 7, one with Tri-Advanced and the other with TLT BTL Y-Wings. Owing to my lack of confidence with the Tri-Advanced I decided that the Y-Wings were the safer choice.

My List was this-

  • Gold Squadron Pilot, BTL-A4, R2 Astromech, Twin Laser Turrets- 25 points
  • Gold Squadron Pilot, BTL-A4, R2 Astromech, Twin Laser Turrets- 25 points
  • Gold Squadron Pilot, BTL-A4, R2 Astromech, Twin Laser Turrets- 25 points
  • Gold Squadron Pilot, BTL-A4, R2 Astromech, Twin Laser Turrets- 25 points

This came in at an even 100 points. I know that it’s s strong list in the meta and most importantly it’s nice and easy to use and since i’m out of practice thats something that I appreciate. I went back and forth over whether to take the BTL Title, I like the fact that it gives an extra shot with the primary weapon but being restricted to the primary arc limits the general effectiveness of the TLT. In the end I went with it just because I really like the fact that I can, if all goes well, roll 32 attack dice in one turn.

The tournament had a reasonable showing, with 12 players showing up to play. There was a good split of Rebels and Imperials, although just the 1 Scum list that I saw. There was also a nice variety of list types, from the exceptionally strong BBBBZ to the more varied Whisper, Carnor Jax and 2 Academy TIEs. I knew that I was ‘that guy’ because of the list I was fielding but I also know that TLT isn’t as scary as many people think and that the BTL variant at least requires a reasonable level of skill to fly and can be arc dodged. The set up was 5 standard rounds of swiss with no cut.

LVL Up Tournament, Game 1

First up was Bossk and Cobra Talonbane with the only Scum list fielded. This wasn’t too bad a match up for me, assuming I could hold up against Cobra for the initial couple of range 1, Expose, 6 Dice attacks. I set up split across the middle and left and my opponent, predictably, set up on the right to avoid TLT focussing too early. I figured Talonbane would be my first priority and so went straight after him trying to focus fire him down with 3 in arc shots. I got a round of shooting before Talonbane managed to get into range 1 and score 5 hits against my first Y-Wing, dropping me to half hull straight away.

The next couple of rounds saw me lose a Y-Wing but manage to get rid of Cobra Talonbane and start working on Bossk. Bossk managed to put his ability, plus his Merc Co-Pilot to good use causing some damage to a 2nd Y-Wing before a risky move while stressed saw Bossk with no option but to pull a hard two which sent him off the edge of the board. This put me 1-0.

LVL Up Tournament, Game 2

Game 2 was against a bit of an oddball Rebel list, 2 B-Wings with Advanced Sensors, a Z95 and Miranda Doni in a K-Wing with TLT. I wasn’t overly concerned about this one, I figured I could focus the B-Wings down quickly and then take out Miranda. I starter split in 2 groups in the middle and took one pair towards a B-Wing and Z95 and another towards Miranda and the other B. It started off well enough with one B-Wing focussed down in a couple of turns and Miranda down to 2 Hull but it started going a little south after that.

2 Y-Wings followed Miranda down the right side of the board, just out of range for a few turns while taking return fire. This also gave Miranda time to regen a few shields, which made her more of a problem. In the meantime I lost a Y-Wing against the Z95 an B-Wing on the left. Miranda finally turned in front of me to avoid heading off the board and that allowed me to get a couple of good shots, enough to get rid of her shields, but I lost another Y-Wing in the process. Meanwhile i managed to get rid of the Z95 and work the B-Wing down to hull.

In the closing turns I rid the board of the final B-Wing and lost another Y-Wing before chasing down Miranda, who was again sporting a full complement of shields. As the last couple of turns unfolded I managed to strip her of that protection, loosing my own in return and the game ended with her on 2 hull, me on 3, with her facing the edge of the board as time was called. If the game had gone another turn I’d have had all 3 of my shots at her and couldn’t have been killed in return, all but guaranteeing me the win, but in the end it was a loss due to points- 62-75. At the end of game 2 I was 1-1.

LVL Up Tournament, Game 3

Game 3 gave me simultaneously my best and worst match up, Fel and Chiraneau. My list loves Decimators, especially nice 65 point Decimators but it absolutely hates arc dodgers an Fel is one of the best.

As normal I split myself across the middle, 2 groups of two, and figured i’d chase down the Decimator and focus it into oblivion as quickly as possible. To this end I ignored Fel for the first few turns and looked to focus all fire on the Decimator. I managed to cause some damage in the 1st few turns, until the inevitable range 1 confrontation and in return I lost a Y-Wing when my opponent used Vader to cause the last point of damage. This was a fair trade, the Decimator was down to 6 Hull and I was just down by 1 Y-Wing.

The next couple of rounds saw Fel cause some peripheral damage to a Y-Wing as they were chasing down a Decimator that was proving to be particularly resilient, especially after managed to arc dodge after pulling a surprise 4 forward through an asteroid. In the end I managed to run the Decimator down in the bottom left corner and focus it out of the game, leaving me with Fel.

At this point the timer was running down and so my opponent couldn’t be as cautious with Fel as he would have liked, which was an advantage to me as it meant he had to play a little reckless and couldn’t dodge as much as he’d like. This caused him to take a change and fly into range and arc of all 3 remaining Y-Wings, albeit within range 1 of 1 of them, preventing the TLT. His initial shots hurt, but the Y-Wing returned fire at range 1 and caused 2 points of damage.

It’s worth pointing out that we discovered after the game that my opponent made a mistake. He took Fel off as destroyed when he had a single hull left. Chances are the other Y-Wings would have finished the job, but it was a shame that the game ended as it did, especially when i was so elated that i’d one shotted the illustrious Baron Soontir Fel.

Game 3 was a win, putting me at 2-1.

LVL Up Tournament, Game 4

Game 4 was another Imperial List, Krassis Trelix with a Mangler Cannon and a pair of PTL Imperial Guard TIE Interceptors. The Interceptors in particular worries me here, although at least it wasn’t Fel again.

Standard set up again from me again against Trelix set up on the far right and the TIEs on the left. My plan here was to take out the Firespray as quickly as possible and then try to focus on the Interceptors. Fortunately this one for me went to plan, I managed to focus Trelix down in two rounds of shooting, taking little damage in return as my agility dice seemed to be blessed and meant I was flying the galaxies most agile Y-Wings.

After taking down the Firespray I turned my attention to the paired Interceptors and managed to cause a little damage as they turtled up (focus and evade) against the onslaught. I was fortunate enough to block one a couple of turns later and this caused the other to fly into the back of them, denying both actions. Unfortunately for my opponent this was in range and arc of all 3 other Y-Wings and both Interceptors went down in short order handing me my quickest win of the day at 30 minutes.

Game 4 put me at 3-1 for the day and saw me elevated to the top table for game 5.

LVL Up Tournament, Game 5

Game 5 was against a solid list, the top tier BBBBZ. I fancied my chances here, figuring that my weight of shots would be sufficient to drag the B-Wings down. I worked out that if I was really lucky I could focus 2 down per turn (0 evades vs all hits) but that i’d likely take down 1 per turn and that would be enough.

We arranged asteroids and then both set up directly opposite one another, on the right of the board with no asteroids between us. My opponent won the roll off for initiative, letting ne set up and move first, which I think was to my advantage since I could hopefully focus down a B-Wing before it could return fire.

The game started slowly, both of us making 1 forward moves to feel each other out and this continued for the first couple of turns as we began to exchange fire. It was around then that my dice betrayed me for the first time on the day and I didn’t manage to cause enough damage to take down a B-Wing but I took a fair amount of damage in return. The next turn is the one that I think was most pivotal to the game. I had a choice, continue the 1 forward, move into what was likely range 1 and lose my TLT shots, assuming my opponent did the same, or make a 4K Turn and assume the B-Wings would make a 2K, putting me at range 2 and giving me my full range of shots.

I went with the K-Turn and my opponent didn’t go with his, so I was left with 2 Y-Wings, facing the wrong way, with stress, directly in front of the full BBBBZ list. Now I managed to block a couple, but that just meant they couldn’t take actions, they were still left with shots and this put me in a bad predicament. My other 2 Y-Wings were coming in from the left, having split off from the group, and they were able to take shots wearing down the Z95. On my opponents shooting phase he managed to drop the 1st Y-Wing and I was pretty sure at this point that I was going to lose.

The next round saw me loose the 2nd Y-Wing before it could turn around again but I finally managed to drop a B-Wing in return. There was a little repositioning over the next couple of turns with less shooting but enough to start stripping the shields from the 3rd Y-Wing while I wasn’t able to do much in return and soon after I lost my 3rd Y. In the last couple of turns I managed to claw back a few points by destroying the Z95 but there was little I could do to delay the inevitable and the final 3 B-Wings, 2 of which were undamaged, destroyed my final ship giving my opponent the game and 1st place in the tournament with an impressive 5-0 score. After game 5 I was 3-2 for the day.

That score, along with the damage I caused in my losses managed to net me 3rd on the day, which I’m more than happy with. I turn up at a tournament hoping to end with a winning record and so placing 3rd is a pretty good win for me. It got me a £10 Voucher for LvL Up, which will get used on more X-Wing, probably the Gozanti Cruiser or Wave 8. I didn’t get the fastest win as someone managed to finish a game within 26 minutes, which is astounding.

It was a really good day with a lot of fun games and some interesting lists. I like tournaments because I get to play against lists that my regular opponents wouldn’t play. I look forward to the next tournament and trying to play high enough to get a Vader Alt Art card.

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