Hacker Premium Token Set Review

Name: Hacker Premium Token Set
Type: Gaming Accessory
Publisher: BSD Hobbies
Weight: 115g
Price:  £25.50
Rating: 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

BSD Hobbies, Hacker Premium Token Set


BSD Hobbies recently sent me a pack of the Hacker Premium Token Set for review, a set of tokens for use with the Netrunner Living Card Game made by Fantasy Flight Games. In the interest of disclosure this was sent to me free of charge. This pack is BSD Hobbies entry into the field of token sets for the Netrunner game and, to my knowledge, they are the only UK based company to do so, being based in Swansea in South Wales. I have to say, I think it’s great whenever any UK company steps into the gaming market as we simply can’t get enough home grown gaming companies.

BSD Hobbies, Hacker Tokens, Full Premium Set

The set comes with a significant number of tokens, 112 in total according to the website although the pack I received had a couple of extra 5€ and Link tokens, and these come in 13 different designs. In total you get-

  • 24 x 1€ Credit Tokens
  • 6 x 5€ Credit Tokens
  • 10 x Virus Tokens
  • 6 x Tag Tokens
  • 6 x Advancement Tokens
  • 10 x Link Tokens
  • 6 x Bad Publicity Tokens
  • 10 x Memory Tokens
  • 24 x Tracking Tokens (12 x each of Red and Orange)
  • 6 x Brain Damage Tokens
  • 2 x Action Tokens
  • 2 x Click Tokens

The tokens come bagged all together and my set had an example of most of the tokens attached to a piece of card, showing what was in the bag. BSD Hobbies have advised me that this is no longer the case when the ship orders and that this just happens when they send them out to stores, reviewers or send them to shows so people can see what’s included in the pack.  All the tokens are laser cut from acrylic and all have laser etched designed on the surface. The level of detail varies from token to token with some, such as the Memory Tokens being fairly elaborate and others, like the Tracking Tokens being more basic.

BSD Hobbies, Memory Tokens

BSD Hobbies Tracking Tokens






The quality of the etching also varies a little but this is to be expected given the price for the whole set, and the imperfections aren’t noticeable unless you closely inspect each of the tokens individually. Having looked at them pretty closely i’m confident that taking a couple of hours to add a touch of paint to the etched areas would effectively remove any of the imperfections and generally add an extra bit of wow factor to the tokens as a whole and thats something I may well do one rainy afternoon.

While the Memory Tokens are probably my favourites looking ones in the set others, like the Virus, Tag and Link Tokens are also very well designed, interesting and would certainly look much better on the table than the generic card tokens that FFG provide in the core box.

BSD Hobbies, Virus Token

BSD Hobbies, Tag Token

BSD Hobbies, Link Token


When the tokens arrived some of them needed a bit of cleaning to get the most out of them as they had a little bit of plastic dust on them as a result of the cutting and etching process. It wasn’t a huge amount of effort and just took a few minutes with a cloth and some nail polish remover to tidy them up and have them looking nice and shiny.

BSD Hobbies, Credit Tokens

I wanted to mention the Credit Tokens. These are in denominations of 1 and 5 with the currency used being the Euro, represented by the € symbol. I think using the Euro symbol is a nice choice, it’s a bit more unfamiliar than the pound £ symbol and less generic or obvious than dollar symbol $. If I was brutally honest I would prefer that a ¥ yen symbol were used, as it fits a Neo-Tokyo Cyberpunk style game a little better in my mind but thats personal taste.

BSD Hobbies, Brain Tokens

My pack came with 2 different version of the Brain Token, used when a runner takes Brain Damage. There is a version with a stalk and one without and when I reached out to BSD about this they advised that it’s because some people prefer one version and some prefer the other but packs will only contain one or other other, rather than a combination of both.

Having considered it, I prefer the version without the stalk as it looks more brain like to me but I like the fact that there is a choice available. There isn’t an obvious way of opting for one or the other on the website but i’d suggest dropping them a line if you have a preference and i’m sure they’ll do their best to accommodate you.

This set provides just about all the tokens you would need for both a Runner and Corp deck in a standard game of Netrunner. There are exceptions, certain virus heavy decks might run out of Virus Tokens and you might need more Advancement Tokens if you plan on using Government Takeover or if you plan on advancing several Agenda or Traps at once but, in either case, you could just use the Tracking Tokens to make up for them, so it’s not really an issue but it’s noteworthy nonetheless.

Don’t get me wrong, there are more elaborate Token Sets out there, but you pay a premium for them and again to get them shipped to the UK. For comparison a similar collection of tokens from the widely known Team Covenant in the US would set you back around $90, before postage to the UK and thats a significant difference for something that doesn’t actually effect play in anyway beyond proving a nice aesthetic.

BSD Hobbies have produced a great set at a fantastic price that covers everything you need to play the game, getting 13 different types of tokens and over 100 in total for this kind of price is excellent value for money, even if a few are a little rough around the edges.

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