Arkham Horror Dice

Arkham Horror Official Dice

Name: Arkham Horror Dice sets
Type: Board Game Accessory
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Players: 1-8
Size: 15.3cm x 10.9cm x2cm
Price:  £8.99 Each
Rating: 3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

Arkham Horror Dice

The Arkham Horror game comes with a set of 5 normal six sided dice, more specifically it comes with a rather bland set of generic white D6 with black dots.

Arkham Horror Dice, Standard Set

The game required you to roll dice almost constantly to fight mythos creatures, make sanity checks, read books, cats spells, close gates or just to as a pure luck roll. As standard you need a 5+ for a given die to be considered a success but even this can be modified by becoming either blessed or cursed. A blessed player only needs his dice to show a 4+ for them to be counted as successes while a cursed character only gets successes on the roll of a 6.

While the dice that come in the base set are perfectly serviceable for all of these situations, Fantasy Flight Games have released 3 sets of dice that make reading your successes a little easier. Each pack comes as a set of 5 dice that have been designed by Q-Workshop. All of the sets have the same designs for the faces with a central bold number surrounded by corner designs and a tentacle on the normal faces and a smaller off center number with a central Elder Sign on the success faces. Each dice set comes packaged in a little box with a card insert that holds the dice snugly in place.

Standard Replacement Dice

The standard replacement dice come in two colour variations, the Black and Green set that I own and will be featured here and a rather nice Bone set. In the style of many of the dice produced by Q-Workshop these dice have a good amount of fine detail on the faces while ensuring that the numbers are clear and easy to read. The faces on the numbers 5 and 6 are decorated differently to the other sides and display Elder Sign runes which makes it much easier to ascertain which dice are successes, as explained above.


Arkham Dice, Standard Dice 1


 Arkham Horror Dice, Elder Signs


Blessed Dice

These dice are coloured blue, the colour that represents being Blessed in the game, and the designs are painted in silver. The blessed dice are for use in the game when your character becomes Blessed. Being Blessed means that you can get successes a little easier because you only need a 4+ to  succeed. As with the other sets these dice have the Elder Sign design on the faces that are successes.


Arkham Horror, Blessed Dice


Cursed Dice

These dice are coloured red, which is the colour that represents being Cursed in the game. Like the Blessed dice the designs are painted in silver. Unsurprisingly cursed dice are used when you are Cursed in the game which means that getting successes is harder than normal, requiring you to role a 6 to succeed. Elder Signs also decorate the 6 face, which is the only success on these dice.

Arkham Horror, Cursed Dice

 Final Thoughts

The Dice Accessories for Arkham Horror are pretty cool. The dice are nice with beautiful designs, bold numbers and make it easy to ascertain the number of successes rolled with just a glance. The Standard Replacement dice set is, to my mind, the nicest of the 3 sets because I think the bold green on black looks really good and it’s by far the best contrast of the sets. Having not seen the bone set in person I can’t comment on whether that set is as good a replacement as the green and black but from the images I’ve seen they do look good. The Blessed and Cursed dice are nice and it’s kind of fun to have specific dice in game that make you feel a little special, for better or worse, for being Blessed or Cursed. I also find having the specific Blessed and Cursed dice helps remind me that I need to roll something other than the standard 5+ to succeed.

Are these dice a necessity? No. What they are are nice sets of dice that add a little something extra to the game. In general you can find them cheaper than RRP and they make great little presents for other gamers. I like dice, I like dice a lot and I especially like nice dice and these are some of the nicer dice I’ve seen available as a game accessory.

I’d like to offer a special thanks to @StormFey and @LunchMoney_Al for the loan of the Cursed and Blessed dice for the purpose of this review.

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