Cards Against Humanity, First Expansion

Cards Against Humanity, First Expansion

Name: Cards Against Humanity, First Expansion
Type: None Collectable Card Game
Players: 4+ (although you can play with 2+ if you don’t care about a winner)
Age: 18+
Size: 9cm x 6.5cm x 3.6cm
Weight: 195g
Playtime: 30-90mins
Price:  £8.00
Rating: 3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

Cards Against Humanity, First Expansion

Unsurprisingly the First Expansion for Cards Against Humanity is exactly what is says on the box. Despite the nature of the game and how offensive some people may find it, Cards Against Humanity is nothing if not honest.

Inside the box you get another 112 cards to add to the base set for Cards Against Humanity. This is made up of 80 White Cards, 20 Blacks and then 12 Blank Cards (8 White and 4 Black) for you to write your own. The cards themselves are the exact same size, weight and standard of the cards in the base game. The box is made of thin card and is small, lightweight and snugly fits the cards.

Cards Against Humanity, Blank Cards

With reference to the quality of the cards I did notice that a couple of my cards were slightly misprinted, with the front of a couple of White Cards having a black line across the top and, likewise, a couple of the Blacks have white lines on them. I can’t say it’ll effect the game particularly, but the misprints are visible from the back so someone who plays with the set a lot could tell if a certain Black Card is due up or if another player is holding certain White Cards.

Cards Against Humanity, First Expansion, Black Misprint

Unlike the base game it looks like these haven’t been adapted for the UK market as they use words such as mom instead of mum and mention products such as Slim Jims, which aren’t commonplace here. Just like in the base game, cover a variety of humorous and offensive topics such as “walking in on dad peeing in mom’s mouth”, “The Gulags” and “Andre the Giant’s enormous, leathery, scrotum”.

The Black Blank Cards fortunately come with a white box to write in which saves the bother of having to try and find a white pen with which to fill them out. I’m pretty sure that I read somewhere that it was a rule that you couldn’t use the cards in the Expansion without first filling out a few of your own, now I can’t find this written anywhere in the set so it’s possible that I’m just making it up but I think it makes for a pretty good rule nonetheless.

It states on the box “Don’t even think of buying this is you don’t have the main game” and that’s certainly true but I found that you can play the expansion stand alone, in a limited fashion, provided you only have a few players and, at most, each player hold 5 cards. It’s not perfect but it did let me test the set out.

All in all a great expansion and fantastic value for money. It gets a slightly lower rating than the main game only because of the misprints on my copy, something you hopefully won’t experience.

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