E-Wing, Front of Box

E-Wing Unboxing

E-Wing, Front of Box
The E-Wing is a Rebel ship expansion for the X-Wing Miniatures Game and was released as part of the 4th Wave of expansions for that game. The E-Wing is a small based ship that was created as part of the Expanded Universe and represents the successor to the iconic X-Wing Fighter.

E-Wing, all contents

As with all other small ship expansions the E-Wing comes packaged in a blister pack with the ship itself held in an further moulded plastic package within the blister. The Cards and Tokens are packaged in a resealable baggie that is packaged behind the ship, as per normal. On the shelf in your FLGS you get a top down view of the ship due to the way it is presented. Inside the pack you get-

  • E-Wing Model
  • Small Ship base and 2 pegs
  • Manoeuvre Dial
  • 10 x Cards (split between Pilot Cards, Upgrade Cards and Rules cards, I’ll detail these a little more shortly)
  • 18 x Tokens (more on specifically what you get shortly)


The ship itself is a strange looking thing and hasn’t been particularly well received by the community as a whole. I have personally seen a number of threads on forums and social media sites discussing conversions of the E-Wing to make the ship look a little better. Personally I don’t mind it too much but it lacks some of the visual impact of the iconic ships like the A-Wing, B-Wing, Y Wing and, of course, the X-Wing. The ship also looks somewhat more advanced that most of the others in the game, which makes sense when you consider that it was invented by the New Republic, after the events of Return of the Jedi.

The paint job is pretty basic, just the light grey that is standard across the Rebel fleet with a little bit of weathering around the engines to represent the exhaust ports and some red markings on the wings and down the sides of the nose. The ship does hold it’s wash well though, with the right area’s nicely darkened to add contrast.

E-Wing, Pilot Cards

As normal you get 4 Pilot cards in the set and the split is 50/50 between Generic and Elite pilots as normal. The pilots you get are-

  • Corran Horn
  • Etahn A’Baht
  • Blackmoon Squadron Pilot
  • Knave Squadron Pilot

The E-Wing pilots are not particularly cheap with even the cheapest of them weighing in at 27 points making this the most expensive small base ship in the Rebel fleet and the same price as a base Outer Rim Smuggler YT-1300. Due to the high points cost the E-Wing saw little play in competitive lists when it was released as it isn’t strong enough to stand up to heavy fire from turrets or expert arc dodgers like the TIE Phantom. This changed once wave 5 was released and the Rebel force received the addition of the YT-2400  Outrider as Corran made an excellent wingman in the highly manoeuvrable Super-Fast Dash list.

In terms of Elite Pilot abilities both Corran and Etahn have very useful and interesting ones that help jusify their high points cost. The main detractor for the E-Wing is that it only has 2 hull points, which means a single Direct Hit can wipe it out, which is a costly loss when you’ve likely paid over 40 points for a tooled up ship. Common upgrades to E-Wings include putting a Fire control System on Corran to maximise target locks and utilising R2-D2 to recover lost shields on rounds when Corran his circling out of arc/range after shooting twice. Corran also makes a successful Phantom Hunter if given Veteran Instincts.

Few Pilots other than Corran see a huge amount of play at the moment but I see a place for Etahn as support for Elite A-Wing Pilots with Autothrusters and Outmanuver as we move into the wave 6 Meta.

E-wing, Upgrade Cards

You get 5 Upgrade cards in this set, including a reprint of the elusive Enhanced Sensors which improves the B-Wing immeasurably.  A full breakdown of the cards is-


  • R7-T1 (Unique to this Expansion)
  • R7 Astromech (Unique to this Expansion)

Elite Talents

  • Outmanoeuvre (also available in the TIE Defender Expansion)


  • Flechette Torpedoes (also available in the Rebel Transport Expansion)

System Upgrades

  • Advanced Sensors (also available in the Lambda-Class Shuttle Expansion)

Nothing here is absolutely standout amazing or must have but it the cheapest and easiest way to get hold of Advanced Sensors which is a must have on B-Wings and is finding a home on IG-2000 Aggressors as a way to combat them being blocked.

E-Wing, Tokens

As with all X-Wing sets you get a small mountain of tokens with the E-Wing. Despite owning numerous set of ID and Target Lock tokens I like the fact that FFG are committed to making sure that you have everything you need to play the ship out of the box without anything extra being required. The breakdown of tokens is-

  • 3 x Shield Tokens
  • 2 x Target Lock tokens (Letters O and P, both double sided Blue and Red)
  • 2 x Ship Base Tokens (double sided as Corran Horn/Blackmoon Squadron Pilot and Etahn A’Baht/Knave Squadron Pilot
  • 2 x Stress Tokens
  • 1 x Critical Hit Tokens
  • 6 x ID tokens (3 each of numbers 39 and 40)
  • 1 x Evade Token
  • 1 x Focus Token

The E-Wing is an interesting ship but unless you plan on running Super-Fast Dash on a consistent basis I’m not sure it’s one that you need to auto-include in your collection. Nothing about the ship screams that it is indispensable and it doesn’t do anything that can’t be otherwise covered by a combination of other ships which likely won’t cost significantly more. The inclusion of the Advanced Sensors upgrade is likely to be one of the main reasons that people buy multiple E-Wings since the only other place you can find it is in the Lambda Shuttle large ship expansion.

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