IG-2000, front of box

IG-2000 Unboxing

IG-2000, front of box

The IG2000 Aggressor is part of the Scum and Villainy faction for the X-Wing Miniatures game and was released as part of Wave 6 of that game. It is a large base, single ship, boxed expansion, similar to previous releases such as the Millennium Falcon, the Decimator or the Lambda Shuttle.  At the time of writing the IG2000 Aggressor is the only large base ship that is entirely exclusive to the Scum and Villainy faction.

From a fluff point of view the IG2000 Aggressor is the personal ship of the IG-88 series of Assassin Bounty Hunter droids, of which there are 4 models. As its pilot is a droid, the ship has no concessions to organic life, containing no life support, acceleration compensators or any of the home comforts that organics find helpful for survival (aside from a cell for any bounties that he wasn’t allowed to disintegrate). This means that it has the edge in manoeuvrability since the pilot can withstand G Forces that would render organic pilots unconscious or dead.

The ship comes in the standard Large Ship box, exactly like all of the other Large ships, excluding the mammoth Decimator. The Ship itself is held in a tight fitting internal plastic blister and is displayed from a top down perspective. The Cards, Tokens, Base and Pegs come in self-seal baggies that are hidden from view inside a separate box housed behind the artwork on the left hand side of the box. As with all of the FFG X-Wing range the packaging is sturdy and adequately protects the contents from damage in transit.

 IG-2000, Contents

Inside the box you get-

  • 1 x Aggressor Large Base Ship
  • 1 x Large Ship base and 2 pegs
  • 1 x Manoeuvre dial
  • 18 x Cards (split between Pilot Cards, Upgrades and Rules Cards, I’ll specify numbers further down)
  • 24 x Tokens (I’ll give a breakdown further in the article)
  • 1 x Rulebook/Mission booklet

IG-2000 360-

I am not sold on the look of this ship, I know that the majority of Star Wars ships tend to follow function over form, which I’m ok with, but this one looks a little too out there for me. I think that it has an almost insect like appearance with the two front prongs looking like antennae and the outer wings like legs or pincers. The ship is quite a bit smaller than any of the other large base ships, something not reflected in its price (despite the larger Decimator being more expensive). The profile of the ship is also very narrow, something that is a common trend across the Scum and Villainy fleet, being only marginally thicker than a Y-Wing.

If there were ever an argument that a ship should be on medium base then the Aggressor would be the perfect ship to lead that charge (not that I think that adding medium bases to the game is a good idea, I’m just trying to illustrate it’s size).

IG-2000 compared to Millennium Falcon

The paint job is fairly solid and neat on the ship and the large blue flashes on either side of the cockpit (top and bottom) add some nice contrast to the two shades of grey. The painting seems consistent across multiple models as I have 2 and both are painted to the same standard. The female connector for the peg on the ship has been improved since the YT-2400 and Decimator, both of which suffered from loose connections, as both of my Aggressors fit snugly onto the flight stands. As is the case with the majority of the recent Large Base ship releases, the IG-2000 has no moving parts.

IG-2000, Pilot Cards


As normal there are 4 Pilot cards in this set but, uniquely, every single one of them is an Elite Pilot and more uniquely they are technically all the same person as they represent all 4 versions of IG-88 being IG-88A, IG-88B, IG-88C and IG-88D. All four versions of IG-88 have identical stat lines and cost the same points with the difference coming in the Pilot abilities. Broadly speaking 2 of the IG-88s have offensive Pilot skills and 2 have defensive ones and what makes this ship really special is that each version of IG-88 fielded can use the Pilot ability of any other fielded version, as well as their own, provided that they have the (free) IG-2000 ship Title card.

This can obviously lead to some very interesting combinations for duel IG-2000 lists and is truly horrendous if all 4 ships are run together in an epic scale game. The artwork on the cards is up to its usual standard with the ship displayed in a series of action packed and dynamic situation. My only criticism here is that you will never need more than a single sets worth of the Pilot cards as there are no generic Pilots with which you can double up, so any duplicates you pick up as part of a 2nd (or more) set are really just wasted unless you happen to damage one.

IG-2000, Upgrade Cards


You get a nice little stack of Upgrade cards in the set, many of which are either Unique to the set or, at the least, Unique to Scum and Villainy sets. Half of the Upgrades in this box are of the new Illicit type and so have no practical application to Rebel and Imperial forces. A complete breakdown of the cards is as follows-


·         Hot Shot Blaster (Also found in the Most Wanted set)

·         Feedback Array x 2 (Unique to this set)

·         Inertial Dampeners (Also found in the Star Viper set)

·         Dead Man’s Switch x 2 (Unique to this set)


·         Mangler Cannon (Also found in the M3-A Interceptor set)

·         Autoblaster (Also found in B-Wing set)


·         IG-2000 (Unique to this set)


·         Proximity Mines (Also found in the Slave-1 Set)

·         Seismic Charges (Also found in the Slave-1 and TIE Bomber sets)


·         Accuracy Corrector (Also Found in the Star Viper set)

The artwork on the cards is to the normal standard with the Illicit Upgrades featuring Scum and Villainy ships or damaged Rebel/Imperial ones (I particularly like the damaged Phantom on Feedback Array) as the Upgrade type is unique to them. A  couple of upgrades included in this set have interesting implications for the wider Meta of the game at this point, namely the Mangler Cannon and the Accuracy Corrector and as neither of these are Illicit and so can be used by all 3 factions and each will find a solid niche elsewhere.

It is very likely that the Mangler Cannon will replace the Heavy Laser Cannon on the Outrider (YT-2400) as the weapon of choice as it doesn’t have the same donut-hole issue and if you opt to just field a Wild Space Fringer then you have the cheapest large base turret in the game by a fair margin.

Accuracy Corrector will undoubtedly see a rise in use once the Imperial Raider is released due to the inclusion of the TIE/x1 Title in the Raider set. The TIE/x1 gives the TIE Advanced a system slot and it seems to me that using that slot for the Accuracy Corrector makes perfect sense since the TIE Advanced is only a 2 attack ship anyway. As I said in the StarViper unboxing, I like certainty and Accuracy Corrector gives me that. One, admittedly one trick, list I’ve heard is to take 4 Tempest Squadron Pilots, throw on the free TIE/x1 Title, Cluster Missiles and an Accuracy Corrector and you have a 100 point list that can guarantee the death of a Decimator in a single turn.

Sengor's Loop rule card


I wouldn’t normally put any effort into mentioning the Rules Cards in a set as they are so common that they are hardly worth the time but, this time, there is something unique, the Segnor’s Loop Manoeuvre Rules Card.  The Segnor Loop is a manoeuvre unique to the Scum and Villainy faction, showing up only on the IG-2000 and Star Viper ships. This is because it incurs so much G-Force that it would kill an organic pilot in anything other than the most advanced and expensive ship.

In practical terms this is a manoeuvre on the dial that allows the Aggressor to perform a 3 Bank move and then turn 180 degrees, as per the K-Turn that all other ships can perform. The inclusion of this manoeuvre makes the Aggressor a very slippery ship to fly against and a strange ship to get used to flying as it is a large based ship that moves and dogfights like a small based ship.

The set also includes a Bomb Rules card.

IG-2000, tokens

You get the pile of tokens that we have all come to love (dread) from FFG products. As always FFG have included everything that you need to use the ship without presuming ownership of anything other than the core box. The split of tokens is-

·         2 x Large Ship Base Tokens (double sided as IG-88A/ IG-88C and IG-88B/IG-88D)

·         A Manoeuvre Dial

·         4 x Shield Tokens

·         1 x Focus Tokens

·         1 x Evade Tokens

·         1 x Ion Tokens

·         2 x Critical Hit Tokens

·         2 x Bomb Tokens (1 x Proximity Mine and 1 x Seismic Charge)

·         2 x Target Lock Tokens (double sided as letters II and JJ)

·         9 x Mission tokens ( 3 each with Rebel, Imperial and Scum and Villainy symbols on them)

It’s also worth mentioning the rule/mission booklet this time around. It contains all of the usual information regarding specific Manoeuvres, Bombs, Upgrades etc. And it includes a mission as normal. What makes this mission rather unique is that it is the very first mission for 3 players, having set up guidelines for a Rebel, Imperial and Scum and Villainy player. I’ve yet to try the mission but I look forward to giving it a shot.

It’s a nice set and introduces a number of unique options and intriguing Upgrades. I’m not sold on the look of the ship, but that doesn’t stop it being fun or interesting to play and while I foresee it having a seriously steep learning curve to use, especially in duel Aggressor lists, I think it’ll be a lot of fun. The value of a 2nd Aggressor is a little lower than most normal ships because of the lack of Generic pilots but that’s such a small detail, especially when you factor in that the YT-1300 and YT-2400 only have 1 generic Pilot each. Besides, the value of upgrades like the Mangler Cannon and Accuracy Corrector more than make up for any loss due to one or two Pilot cards.

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