K-Wing, Boxed

K-Wing Unboxing

K-Wing, Boxed

The K-Wing is a small based ship expansion for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. It was released as part of the Wave 7 of ships and forms part of the Rebel Faction for that game. In the wider Star Wars Universe the K-Wing was a New Republic fighter designed by the same company that created the iconic Y-Wing.

K-Wing, Contents

The K-Wing comes in the larger of the small based ship blisters first used by the StarViper. As with the StarViper the K-Wing comes with more than the standard small based ship complement of cards and tokens. In the expansion you get-

  • 1 x K-Wing small based ship
  • 1 x small ship base and pegs
  • 1 x Manoeuvre Dial
  • 19 x Cards (Split between Pilot cards, Upgrade cards and Rules cards)
  • 20 x Tokens

K-Wing, Top down

The K-Wing is displayed top down and angled upwards and to the right with the cards hidden behind the artwork at the back as normal.  The way that the ship is displayed in the pack, you don’t really get a sense of how thin it is, and it really is very thin, especially for the overall width.

As I said, the K-Wing is a wide, thin ship. I think it’s pretty ugly as ships go, one of the very ugliest in the entire X-Wing range. The ship has a very WWII bomber style to it, with the chin mounted gun and the missile tubes on the wings. Star Wars has never been a setting to play into the futuristic sleek design of ships but, for my mind, the K-Wing just looks very out of place.

In terms of the paint scheme, the ship is painted in the standard off-white of all of the other Rebel ships and it has the red detailing of many of the other ships, located on the nose and the wings. The paint work is perfectly fine, on par with the rest of this wave, though much more simplistic than either the Kihraxz or Hound’s Tooth.

K-Wing, Pilot Cards


The K-Wing comes with the normal compliment of 4 Pilot cards, split between 2 Generic Pilots and 2 Elite ones, as expected. The Pilots included in this set are-

  • Miranda Doni
  • Esege Tuketu
  • Guardian Squadron Pilot
  • Warden Squadron Pilot

Immediately the art on the Pilot cards leaps out at me. The Generic Pilot cards look fantastic, especially the Guardian Squadron Pilot who is pictured flying through a storm of laser fire in a ravine. I also like the fact that Miranda Doni’s art depicts the K-Wing destroying a TIE Fighter that is flying behind it, demonstrating the primary turret capability of the ship.

In terms of Pilot abilities, both the Elite Pilots have intriguing possibilities, with Miranda Doni being the most obviously useful with her ability to spend a shield to boost an attack or reduce the power of an attack to recover a shield. That versatilely, in the right situation, could be very very useful. I see Tuketo being useful when loaded with a recon specialist and ran in a supporting role, boosting the attack and defence of nearby allies.

K-Wing, Pilot Cards


You get a nice set of upgrades in the K-Wing Expansion, 9 in total, all of which are unique to the ship or Wave, working towards the aim of making bombs and ordnance a little more viable in the game. Inside the K-Wing Expansion you get-


  • bombardier (Unique to this set)


  • Extra Munition (Also found in the TIE Punisher set)
  • Plasma Torpedoes (Unique to this set)


  • Advanced SLAM (Unique to this set)


  • Conner Net (Unique to this set)
  • Ion Bombs (Also found in the TIE Punisher set)


  • Advanced Homing Missile (Also found in the TIE Punisher set)


  • 2 x Twin Laser Turret (Unique to this set)

The art on the cards in nice and I really like the look of both bombs most of all. It’s pretty obvious that the intent of the upgrades in this set are to try and make ordnance more of a viable option since it’s commonly believed to be a waste of points in all but a couple of specific instances. With Bombardier extending the range you can drop a bomb at, extra munitions doubling the usages you get from bombs, missiles and torpedoes and the inclusion of new options, like the Connor Net, Ion Bomb, Advanced Homing Missiles and Plasma Torpedoes, FFG have gone all out.

Noticeable is the fact that the Advanced Homing Missiles require a Target Lock to use, but don’t actually use up the lock which allows you to use the lock to modify the dice, which has previously been a particular criticism of most ordnance. Ion Bombs are an obvious threat to large based ships since they dish out two Ion tokens on a hit. meaning that they’ll have to be more cautious when facing them and the Connor net, with it’s massive template is a real threat to anyone, since it causes damage, gives a pair of Ion tokens and causes an effected ship to lose it action. Chaining a couple of Connor nets together could cripple a large ship to the point it won’t recover for the rest of the game.

The Twin Laser Turret provides an interesting alternative to some of the other Turret weapons. It’s a guaranteed 2 hit, effectively, it negates a stealth device almost immediately an it actually makes a swarm of HWKs a credible threat since they can come 4 strong, with Twin Laser Turrets and crew.

Finally the Advanced SLAM. At this point it’s only viable on the K-Wing as thats the only ship with a SLAM action, which allows the K-Wing to move twice, at the cost of being able to shoot for a turn. Advanced SLAM grants the K-Wing a free action after performing the SLAM action, which gives it the option lock, focus or even to drop a Connor Net right at the end of your movement.

K-Wing, Tokens


You get the usual pile of tokens in the K-Wing set but since some of the Upgrades are unique to the ship or wave, several of these won’t be duplicates of ones you’ve had before. You get-

  • 1 x k-Wing Manoeuvre Dial
  • 2 x Small Based Ship tokens (double sided as Miranda Doni/Guardian Squadron Pilot and Esege Tuketu/Warden Squadron Pilot)
  • 4 x Shield Tokens
  • 2 x Ion Tokens
  • 1 x focus Token
  • 1 x Weapons Disabled Token
  • 2 x Target Lock Tokens (doubled sided red and blue as letters SS and TT)
  • 4 x Extra Munitions Tokens
  • 1 x Stress Token
  • 1 x Ion Bomb Token
  • 1 x SLAM Template.

The K-Wing is an interesting set with a lot of potential all wrapped up in an ugly ship. The Advanced SLAM is an interesting new action, one that is still unique to the K-Wing, even after Wave 8 (when the Phantom loses it’s special snowflake status with the introduction of an illicit Cloaking Device). Given that a K-Wing can now make is a significant distance across the table in one go, getting into position or out of danger it has real versatility, increased by it being the first small based ship with a primary turret. The fact that you can drop a cluster mine after the first move, before the SLAM action helps too and will be an absolute killer for swarms.

I don’t like the look of the ship, but I like the what is can do and I like the fact that it represents an attempt to improve ordnance, something that plays a truly important role in the Star Wars fluff and something that should be better represented in the game. Only time will tell if the K-Wing and the new ordnance options actually have an impact on the wider meta but it’ll be an exciting and fun journey finding out.

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