Kihraxz Fighter Expansion , front of box

Kihraxz Fighter Unboxing

Kihraxz Fighter Expansion , front of box

The Kihraxz Fighter is a small based ship expansion for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. It was released as part of Wave 7 of ships and forms part of the Scum and Villainy faction. Within the Star Wars universe the ship was designed specifically for the Black Sun Cartel, a criminal organisation with considerable resources and reach and the one that the Scum and Villainy faction of the game has drawn most of it’s inspiration from.

The ship comes packaged in the smaller of the small based ship blisters, this is worth distinguishing since FFG have introduced a larger blister for ships such as the StarViper, TIE Punisher and K-Wing. The ship is displayed top down, angled upwards giving you a good view of the paint scheme used on the ship, a paint scheme that roughly match that of the Scyk Interceptor from Wave 6. As normal the ship is housed in an inner blasted to keep it safe for transport (and this one was a tight fit, I had to pry the ship out) and the cards are housed behind the planet artwork in the background.

Kihraxz Fighter, Contents

The Kihraxz is the smallest expansion this wave and comes with the least number of overall components. Inside the pack you get-

  • 1 x Kihraxz Fighter ship
  • 1 x Small ship base and pegs
  • 1 x Kihraxz manoeuvre dial
  • 9 x Cards (split between Upgrade Cards and Pilot Cards).
  • 14 x Tokens (more on specifically what they are in a bit)

When it was first announced I wasn’t all that sure what I thought about the Kihraxz, it had a weird name (and I’m still not sure how to pronounce the name, I’m going with Ki-Raz) and it was dwarfed by the other ships in this Wave. Now I’ve got my hands on it, i’m quite impressed. The Kihraxz looks like a bit like an E-Wing on steroids, the downwards angled wings set towards the back of the ship. In addition to the standard cannons on the wings the Kihraxz also has large missile tubes mounted on either wind giving it a more beefed up and offensive look.

As I mentioned above the Kihraxz is painted with the same green and purple colour scheme as the Scyk from Wave 6. The purple is painted in a Y shape down the length of the ship and on to the wings, with the rest of being painted in the dark green. The cockpit, cannons, missile tubes and exhaust are painted grey and highlighted in black. The paintjob is actually fairly neat, mine doesn’t have any overspill between purple and green and the highlighting and washing is pretty well done and restrained.

Kihraxz Fighter, Pilot Cards


As standard for a small based ship you get 4 pilot cards in the Kihraxz Fighter expansion. These are split between 2 Generic and 2 Elite Pilots. In this pack you get-

  • Cartel Marauder
  • Black Sun Ace
  • Graz the Hunter
  • Talonbane Cobra

The art is pretty solid on these cards, I tend towards brighter and more action packed scenes and these cards don’t disappoint. My Favourite is probably the Graz the Hunter card, which show the Kihraxz in a hanger with steam rising from below it and making it generally look quite ominous.

Of the Pilot abilities you obviously have to mention Talonbane Cobra. He’s the first PS9 Pilot that Scum and Villainy have had, putting him in the esteemed company of Wedge Antilles, Baron Soontir Fel, Han Solo and Darth Vader. His Pilot ability is a strong one, doubling the range modifier when attacking or defending, potentially giving him a 5 dice attack and a 4 dice defence. I’m the wise scheme of things i’m not sure how useful this will turn out to be as the Kihraxz has not movement adjustment action but only time will tell.

Grax the Hunter’s ability looks like it will allow him to be used a little more recklessly, as he gets an additional defence die when defending if his attacker is within his arc. I could see this being fairly useful in the right circumstances, although without the ability to adjust movement this might also be quite situational and he’s really going to suffer to highly manoeuvrable ships such as the TIE Interceptor.

Kihraxz Fighter, Upgrade Cards

The Kihraxz fighter comes with 5 upgrade cards, one of which is unique to the set, while others are hard to come by. A complete list of upgrades is-


  • Crack Shot (Also available in the Hound’s Tooth Expansion)
  • Lightning Reflexes (Unique to this set)
  • Predator (Also available in the TIE Defender Expansion)


  • Homing Missile (Also available in the A-Wing and Slave 1 Expansions)


  • Glitterstim (Also Available in the Hound’s Tooth expansion)

I’m not keen on the art on any of these cards, it’s just a little mundane and dull with nothing looking overly dynamic. Fortunately the art is the reason that I want the upgrades.Looking at what you get, obviously Predator is a great addition, it’s a solid Elite Pilot Talent and it’s nice to have a second source for it. I like both of the other Elite Pilot Talents, which are 1 point, 1 use upgrades that allow fairly useful bonuses that could change the course of a battle if used right. It’s nice to see other options in the 1 point Elite Pilot Talent slot that can give Veteran Instincts a run for their money.

I see Glitterstim being very useful for the Scum and Villainy faction. I like the Illicit slot in general and the fact that all of the upgrades that fall into it have some kind of a downside and generally feel pretty shady and underhanded to use, Glitterstim being no exception. In the wider Star Wars Lore Glitterstim is reported to provide a limited telepathic boost and that is replicated in the game by allowing a pilot to take a point of stress in exchange for changing all focus results, while attacking or defending, for hits or evades, for the the entire turn.

Kihraxz Fighter, Tokens


As you’d expect FFG gives you the standard pile of tokens with the Kihraxz Fighter-

  • 1 x Kihraxz Fighter Manoeuvre Dial
  • 2 x Ship Base Tokens (Double sided as Talonbane Cobra/Black Sun Ace and Graz the Hunter/Cartel Marauder)
  • 6 x Ship ID Tokens (3 each of numbers 46 and 47)
  • 2 x Target Lock Tokens (Double sided red and blue as QQ and RR)
  • 1 x Focus Token
  • 1 x Stress Token
  • 1 x Critical hit token
  • 1 x Shield Token

I think the Kihraxz is an interesting addition to the Scum faction and I think its a considerably more viable option than the Scyk. at 20 points for a naked PS2 Cartel Marauder you get 15 attack dice, 25 hit points and a fairly reasonable dial. The downside is the same as the X-wings and that’s that it doesn’t have any ability to readjust it’s movement, which is a real liability in the modern meta. That is made up for a little by the fact that you can get 5 in 100 points (compared to 4 Rookie Pilots with minimal upgrades) but since they just have the 1 Shield they’ll be pretty susceptible to critical hits and go down fast.

All that said, I think we’ll see the Kihraxz making a few lists, time will tell whether it is truly competitive, i’m not all that sure it is, but it’s a fun little ship and Scum players will value being able to get a PS9 Pilot for a change.


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