Most Wanted, Front of Box

Most Wanted Unboxing

Most Wanted, Front of Box

The 25th February 2015 marked the date of UK release for the 3rd faction in the X-Wing Miniatures game- Scum and Villainy. Not only is this the single largest wave of releases but it also marks the first time that individual ships cross-over between factions within the game with the Firespray being available for both Imperials and Scum and the HWK-290, Z95 Headhunter and Y-Wing being available for Rebels and the newly released Scum.

Now as you know if you’ve read any of my previous articles I am almost exclusively a Rebel player (at time of writing, that may change….) with the exception of a lone Firespray which I bought in anticipation of this wave of releases. It is because of this that the Scum and Villainy set that excited me the most, when FFG announced it back at GenCon 2014, was Most Wanted.

Most wanted is a unique set within the X-Wing game, firstly it’s the only expansion that comes with 3 ships (although the core set also comes with 3) and secondly it’s the only expansion that contains dials and pilot cards for ships that aren’t included in that set. This is because, for all intents and purposes, Most Wanted is the ‘starter’ set for Scum and Villainy and so allows people to utilise some of their existing Rebel and Imperial ships as part of their brand new Scum and Villainy fleet.

You get a fair amount inside of this box, more than any None Epic set previously released. The total contents are-

  • 1 x Y-Wing
  • 2 x Z95 Headhunters
  • 3 x Small Ship bases and 6 pegs
  • 2 x Y-Wing Manoeuvre Dials (with Scum and Villainy Markings)
  • 2 x Z95 Headhunter Manoeuvre Dials (with Scum and Villainy Markings)
  • 1 x HWK-290 Manoeuvre Dial (with Scum and Villainy Markings)
  • 1 x Firespray Manoeuvre Dial (with Scum and Villainy Markings)
  • 39 Cards (split between Pilot cards and Upgrade cards, I’ll cover these in more detail in a little bit).
  • 24 x Tokens (again, more on the specifics further down)
  • 1 x Rule/Mission booklet

Most Wanted, unboxed ships

So, taking a look at the ships first of all my initial impression is that they all look really good, the Y-Wing in particular looks significantly better than it’s Rebel counterpart. Obviously the paint jobs are different from their Rebel counterparts, which makes sense because these ARE NOT Rebel ships and this ISN’T a Rebel set.

The 2 Z95’s have the same paint job, being the generic grey that makes up so much of the Star Wars Universe, with Black Sun Cartel logos displayed prominently on the top of the wings. The nose is painted black, as are the gun barrels and there is further black detailing along the nose, just forward of the cockpit. A fair amount of effort has been put into the painting of this ship, despite only black being used, so as to differentiate it from it’s rebel counterpart.

I love the Y-Wing in this set because of how battered and abused it looks. The Y-Wing is an old ship by the time of the Original Trilogy (and therefore the period that the game is set in) and had been mostly replaced by the more advanced B-Wing. That meant that it was significantly more common in the hands of smugglers and traders than in the hands of the Rebel Alliance and it also means that the majority of them were showing some serious wear and tear by this point. This model demonstrates that perfectly and, because it doesn’t have any Scum and Villainy markings on it, it’s perfectly usable as a Rebel ship if you want to break up the look of your fleet and add some variance to the standard look of the Rebel Y-Wings.

Looking closely at the ship it has been painted to look like it has seen significant action with the engines in particular looking dirty and worn out. The nose has red detailing, nicely contrasting the standard yellow on the Rebel variants and overall the model just looks like it has had more time and care spent on it than many of the ships in the range.

 Most Wanted Y-Wing 360

There are a significant number of Pilot cards in this set, 20 in total, as befitting a pack that comes with 3 ships and has Pilots and Dials for another 3. The breakdown between Generic and Elite Pilots is 10 Generic (4 Z95, 4 Y-Wing, 1 HWK-290 and 1 Firespray) and 10 Elite (2 Z95, 2 Y-Wing, 3 HWK-290 and 3 Firespray). Specifically these are-

Z95 Headhunter-

1.       N’dru Suhlak

2.       Kaa’to Leeachos

3.       Black Sun Soldier x2

4.       Binayre Pirate x2


1.       Kavil

2.       Drea Renthal

3.       Hired Gun x2

4.       Syndicate Thug x2


1.       Dace Bonearm

2.       Palob Godalhi

3.       Torkil Mux

4.       Spice Runner


1.       Boba Fett (Notably this Boba Fett is different to the one that the Imperials can field and both are unique to their factions)

2.       Kath Scarlet (Notably this Kath Scarlet is different to the one that the Imperials can field and both are unique to their factions)

3.       Emon Azzameen

4.       Mandalorian Mercenary

The Pilot abilities are very strange when it comes to Scum and Villainy and don’t work quite like anything that exists within the Rebel and Imperial fleets. Scum and Villainy pilots tend to be very selfish and actively steal actions/tokens off their own ships as much as enemy ships in addition to having several abilities that cause damage to themselves and their allies.

It’s worth stressing here that none of the existing Pilots within the Rebel and Imperial sets for these ships are transferable and so these are the only Pilots that Scum and Villainy can field for these ships. That last point needs to be stressed around Boba Fett and Kath Scarlet, both of whom now comes in both Imperial and Scum flavours but both are, as already stated, specific to their own factions.

The art on the cards is up to FFG usual standard and nicely captures the look and feel of the force. In particular I like the two Elite Z96 Pilots with Kaa’To Leeachos looking dynamic and N’Dru Shulak’s ship looking extremely mean. If my painting skills were better I might be inclined to try and have a go at painting one of my Z95s to look like N’Dru Suhlak’s personal ship.

Most Wanted Z95 Elite Pilots

Most Wanted, Upgrade Cards

As you can see the set comes with considerably more than the standard 4 or 5 upgrades cards you get in the individual sets, in fact it comes with 19. As this box amounts to the ‘starter’ set for the new faction many of the cards included are completely unique to this set and therefore it makes it a must have for anyone looking to make the most of their new force. Several of the new upgrades, specifically the Bomb Loadout and BTL-A4 Title for the Y-Wings are not specific to the Scum and Villainy faction and can be applied to any Y-Wing making this set useful for anyone wanted to expand the uses of their Rebel Y-Wings.

Also introduced in this wave of ships are 2 new Upgrade types, Salvaged Astromech and Illicit. Salvaged Astromechs are pretty self-explanatory as to what they are and how they’d be represented in the fluff (think R2-D2 with the personality of Hal) but the Illicit upgrades represent something very intriguing, upgrades that are so dangerous or illegal that neither the Empire nor the Rebels are willing to field them. Illicit upgrades allow for interesting 1 off bonuses like single shot turrets on the ‘Hot Shot’ Blaster or can cause automatic damage at the price of taking damage yourself as in Feedback Array.

Both of these new Upgrade types are unique to the Scum and Villainy faction and represent one of the twists that sets them apart from the existing forces within the game. It is highly unlikely that the Rebel and Imperial forces will ever have access to these and as they tend to be very unpredictable, both in implementation and timing, they are the kind of thing that keeps everyone on their toes.

A complete breakdown of the cards is-

 Salvaged Astromechs-

  • Unhinged Astromech x2
  • Salvaged Astromech x2
  • ‘Genius’
  • R4 Agromech x2
  • R4-B11


  • ‘Hot Shot’ Blaster


  • Andrasta
  • BTL-A4 Y-Wing x2


  • Bomb Loadout x2


  • Autoblaster Turret x2


  • Greedo
  • K4 Security Droid
  • Outlaw Tech

 In addition to the Salvaged Astromechs and Illicit upgrades being specific to the Scum and Villainy faction the Crew cards included in this expansion are all restricted to the Scum and Villainy Faction. Obviously this limits the number of upgrades that are of use to players that aren’t looking to collect the Scum and Villainy faction and is worth taking into account when picking up this set.

Most Wanted, Tokens

As befitting such a mammoth set produced by FFG, there is an obscene amount of tokens included in the box. These break down as-

  • 6 x Manoeuvre Dials (2 Z95, 2 Y-Wing, 1 HWK-290 and 1 Firespray, all with Scum and Villainy markings)
  • 3 x Z95 Small Base Tokens (Double sided as Binayre Pirate/Black Sun Soldier, Binayre Pirate/Kaa’to Leeachos, Black Sun Soldier/N’Dru Huhlak)
  • 3 x Y-Wing Small Base Tokens (Double sided as Syndicate Thug/Hired Gun, Syndicate Thug/Drea Renthal, Hired Gun/Kavil)
  • 2 x HWK-290 Small Base Tokens (Double sided as Spice Runner/Palos Godalhi, Torkil Mux/Dace Bonearm)
  • 2 x Firespray Large Base Tokens (Double sided as Mandalorian Mercenary/Kath Scarlet, Emon Azzameen/Boba Fett)
  • 7 x Shield Tokens
  • 4 x Stress Tokens
  • 1 x Focus Token
  • 2 x Target Lock Tokens (Double Sided letters KK and LL)

Most Wanted is a great set and, of all the Scum and Villainy releases, is the one that probably has the most universal appeal. From a personal point of view, with just this set and my existing ships I can now field 3 Z95’s, 3 Y-Wings a HWK-290 and a Firespray, which gives me considerable choice when building lists and that’s not bad for a £27.00 (ish) investment of new ships.

The additional Dials and Pilots in the set are a nice touch by FFG, although it does indicate that they won’t be releasing Scum specific single ship expansions for Z95’s, Y-Wings, HWK-290s and Firesprays, at least not in the near future. With that said, there is plenty in those expansions already that Scum can use as only the Pilots tend to be Rebel or Imperial specific and even things like the Slave-1 and Mouldy Crow Title cards can be used by Scum players.

There is plenty to attract players from all factions here, even though the focus is clearly on letting the new Scum shine. Rebel players can use some of the upgrades to Y-Wings (plus HWKs and Z95?) and Imperial Players will find use with the Andrasta Firespray Title card. For anyone with a sizeable Rebel Fleet (like me) or with an interest in picking up Scum and Villainy this box is a must.

As a final point, because the question tends to come up on forums and social media a fair bit, FFG have confirmed that the ships and Dials is Most Wanted can be used as part of a Tournament Legal Rebel force as long as the Pilots and Base Tokens are from the Rebel sets. Likewise the Rebel Y-Wing, Z95 and HWK-290 and Imperial Firespray ships and Dials can be fielded in Tournament Legal Scum and Villainy lists but the Pilots and Base Tokens need to be from this set.

Thanks for reading and Fly casual.

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