Boss Monster, Paper and Pixels, front of packet

Paper and Pixels a Boss Monster Mini-Expansion

Name: Boss Monster- Paper and Pixels Mini-Expansion
Type: Card Game Expansion
Publisher: Brotherwise Games
No of Players: 2-4
Age: 13+
Price:  Free with Boss Monster 2
Rating: 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5) 

Boss Monster, Paper and Pixels, front of packet

Paper and Pixels is a 14 card booster style mini expansion for the Boss Monster and/or Boss Monster 2 card game. It was available in Q4 of 2015 in limited quantities and was given away with copies of Boss Monster 2. The basis for the expansion comes from cards that are in the PC and mobile app version of the game.

This expansion is the sole reason I bought Boss Monster 2 now, rather than waiting. I like getting limited edition releases and cards and so the inclusion of this gave me an excuse to pick the game up. As with all of the cards in Boss Monster the art on the cards is just excellent, portrayed in fantastic 8-Bit style and with little nods to classic console and tabletop gaming.

Boss Monster, Paper and Pixels, contents

The pack consists of 14 cards for the game and a rules card detailing the new rules in the pack. They come packaged in a booster style pack but unlike boosters for games like Magic The Gathering, every Paper and Pixels pack contains exactly the same cards. The art on the pack is pretty cool and very representative of the game. Inside the pack you get-

  •  1 x Rules Card
  • 1 x Epic Hero
  • 2 x Spells (Both the same)
  • 3 x Boss Monsters
  • 8 x Rooms (2 x each or 4 rooms)

The new rules are quite interesting and mean you need another couple of components for the game, specifically a D6 and a few tokens or glass beads. The Die is because the spell does variable damage and the tokens are because the rooms increase in power when certain conditions are met.

Boss Monster, Paper and Pixels, BossesJPG

You get 3 new Bosses in the set, Greg, Chase and Explodo. Explodo I like, he kind of reminds me of the Kool Aid mascot combined with a Bob-omb. The level up abilities of all 3 utilise the new rules in this set.

Boss Monster, Paper and Pixels, Spell Card

You get 2 copies of the Fireball spell in the set. Fireball does variable damage which is a nice touch and I think that feels like another nod towards D&D, especially as variable damage is the a D6. Combined with another spell card for discarding there is a good chance that Fireball could win someone the game if played at the right time as it’s pretty power.

Boss Monster, paper and Pixels, Epic Hero

You get a single new Epic Hero, the Princess. Like the Fool the Princess isn’t lured by any particular type of treasure. Her bait is the player with the most cards in their hand. She is tough though, with 16 health and so will prove to be quite the challenge. It’s a shame she doesn’t look a little more like Princess Peach though.

Boss Monster, Paper and Pixels, Rooms Cards

You get 8 rooms in the set, which is 2 copies each of 4 rooms. There are 2 Monster rooms and 2 Trap rooms, with no Advanced rooms. The rooms are-


  • Elder Portal (Trap)
  • Clock Tower (Trap)
  • Spellslime Incubator (Monster)
  • Hydra’s Mire (Monster)

All of the cards utilise the new rules in the set as well. The effects vary between the rooms with the Clock Tower getting weaker each round and the Spellslime Incubator getting stronger as you cast spells. All in all they are a nice, fun addition to the game. On first examination I thought that the Clocktower had the time from Back to the Future on it but I was disappointed to find that it doesn’t.

Paper and Pixels is a fun little set and if you have the opportunity to get hold of it then you should. I’m very pleased that I managed to get a copy and I think it’s a nice step from Brotherwise to give it away as a seasonal promotion though I hope some existing players can also get hold of copies. The downside of these kind of promotions is that it’s very hard for existing players to get their hands on it, meaning that they can’t have a complete collection. It tends to lead to an expensive secondary market on Ebay and so I hope Brotherwise do some kind of other release for these cards so everyone can get in on the fun, not just new players.

It’s a good set but I think that a couple of little tricks have been missed, like the time on the Clock Tower clock, things that would have elevated the set a little bit more. If the set sees a general release for existing players I’ll up the review score to a 4 since the set itself is good but the difficulty that existing players will have getting it detracts from it’s overall appeal to me.

UPDATE- Brotherwise Games have confirmed that Paper and Pixels will see a general release in 2016 and so I’ve updated the score to 4.

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