Rebel Aces, front of box

Rebel Aces- Unboxing

Rebel Aces, front of box


Rebel Aces is the Rebel variant of the ‘Aces’ line of ship sets for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. This box was a very long time coming and was eagerly awaited by a large portion of the community, myself included, as it provided a much needed boost to the A-Wing and gave a few more options for the stalwart B-Wing. The point of this article to give players considering the set a good idea of what you’ll find inside.

The Aces line of ships contain variants of already released ships  and focuses on those that have a rich and detailed background in the setting and generally have famous (or infamous) pilots. The idea appears to be to give these ships a little special treatment as well as update them and provide options to make them a more popular choice within the game. This can be because the ship was perhaps a little over-pointed making it seem sub-optimal or because there are certain options that seem tailor made for the ship but that it can’t utilise for one reason or another. Rebel Aces provides upgrades that fit both of those categories.

Taking a look at the box it’s the same size as those used for the Large ships like the Millennium Falcon or Slave one. It has the plastic pane on the right hand side that is the packaging for the ships, both of which as displayed at dynamic angles to give the impression that they are flying while affording you a good view of the ships in all their glory.
In the pack you get-

  • 1 x B-Wing, alternative red paint scheme with stand, pegs and manoeuvre dial
  • 1 x A-Wing, alternative blue paint scheme with stand, pegs and manoeuvre dial
  • 1 x Mission booklet/rule sheet
  • 22 x Cards (more on these a little later)
  • 4 x Ship base tokens, 2 each for the A-Wing and B-Wing, all double sided
  • 26 x Tokens (more on the breakdown of these soon)First let’s take a look at the ships.

Rebel Aces, A-WingRebel Aces, B-Wing












Both have been previous standalone releases, as is the norm for the Aces releases. The B-Wing is detailed with a muddy red along the main body and around the cockpit and has a dagger motif on the main body. This paint scheme is representative of the legendary Dagger Squadron.  The A-Wing is detailed in a vibrant blue with a central stripe down the middle and further detailing along the fins. The blue stripe is enhanced by a white triangle painted at the very front of the ship. This paint scheme isn’t representative of any particular squadron, although it could be presumed to be part of blue squadron. More likely however is that this ship was painted to resemble Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie’s original art for the ship which can be seen on the prototype pilot card.

Of the two ships I have to say that I vastly prefer the paint scheme on the A-Wing. The blue stands out beautifully and it just makes the ship look that much better. Neither ship is looks bad in any way, I just think that the blue is a much nicer colour than the red and the detailing looks much better. My only criticism of the ships is that I think they could have been made so that when they are put on the pegs they are on an angle which would differentiate them from the regular ships a little more.

You get 8 Pilot cards in the set, 4 for each ship. You get 2 elite pilots and 2 generic pilots for each ship. The elite pilot cards are all unique but the generic pilots are just duplicates of the ones you get in the A-Wing and B-Wing individual packs. The unique pilots are-

  • Jake Farrell, A-Wing
  • Gemmer Sojan, A-Wing
  • Keyan Farlander, B-Wing
  • Nera Dantels, B-Wing

The generic pilots duplicated from the individual packs are-

  • Prototype Pilot, A-Wing
  • Green Squadron Pilot, A-Wing
  • Dagger Squadron Pilot, B-Wing
  • Blue Squadron Pilot, B-Wing

I’m not going to go into detail regarding the special abilities and pilot skills of the pilots, that’s not the point of the article but needless to say, some of the pilots included in this box have some really interesting abilities and tie into the fluff of the Star Wars setting nicely. For instance Jake Farrell is the pilot who helped to design the A-Wing and commanded an A-Wing squadron at the Battle of Endor.

The upgrade cards are where this set really stands out. The upgrades provide Rebel players with the ability to field variants of the standard A-Wing and B-Wings in very interesting and valuable ways and all are unique to this set, which makes the set all the more useful. The pack includes-


  • 3 x Chardaan refits (unique to this set)


  • 2 x A-Wing test pilots (unique to this set)


  • 2 x B-Wing/E2 (unique to this set)


  • 2 x Enhanced Scopes (unique to this set)


  • 2 x Proton Rockets (unique to this set)


  • 1 x Jan Ors (unique to this set)
  • 1 x Kyle Katarn (unique to this set)

Rebel Aces, Cards

Again, I’m not going into detail as to what every card does, you can find that information easily enough online, but these cards are really worth checking out because there are some excellent additions to the game here. For reference purposes you also get a Boost Rules card.

You also get a reasonable amount of tokens in the set. Once you exclude the manoeuvre dials you are left with-

  • Shields x 7
  • Stress x 2
  • Evade x 2
  • Focus x 3
  • ID Token number 43 (x3)
  • Target Lock Tokens AA and CC (x2 of each double sided, red and blue)
  • 1 x Escape Pod mission token
  • 2 x A-Wing Ship Tokens- Double sided Jake Farrell/Green Squadron Pilot and Gemmer Sojan/Prototype Pilot
  • 2 x B-Wing Ship Tokens- Double sided Keyan Farlander/Dagger Squadron Pilot, Nera Dantels/Blue Squadron Pilot

This is a fantastic addition to the game and a set that is a must for Rebel players. The B-Wing is great looking ship and the A-Wing is just stunning, looking substantially better than the standard A-Wing that is sold separately. The pilots and upgrade cards in the set are really useful and, for the most part, are unique meaning you need this set if you want to use the cards in any sanctioned tournament. The point of this unboxing isn’t to provide an overall rating of Rebel Aces, only to show what you get if you are considering it, but overall I’m very pleased with what I got and I would recommend the set to anyone who plays or collects Rebels.

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