Star Realms Crisis Expansion, packets

Star Realms Crisis Mini Expansions Review

Name: Star Realms Crisis Expansion
Type: None Collectable Deck Building Game
Publisher: White Wizard Games
Players: 2
Age: 8+
Playtime: 20 mins
Price:  £3.49 per Packet £12.00 per full set
Rating: 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Star Realms Crisis Expansion, packets

Crisis is the second expansion for the none collectable card game, Star Realms and is actually 4 mini expansions rather than one larger one. The Crisis set is made up of 4 booster style packs of cards, each with a slightly different theme. The boosters can be bought individually or as a set and can be used in the same way. Each pack contains 8 different cards with 4 being duplicated for a total of 12 cards in each pack. All copies of each Pack contain exactly the same cars, much the same way as the Star Realms Starter Box as this is a none collectable card game.

Star Realms, Crisis Expansion, Events front of pack

The first pack is Events and this pack doesn’t contain any cards that relate to one of the existing factions. Instead this pack adds natural space phenomena and other none faction specific events into the pack. These cards happens immediately upon appearing in the trade row and the events effect both players simultaneously. The phenomena are such things as Black Holes and comets and the none faction events take the form of Trade Missions and Galactic Summits.

Star Realms, Crisis Expansion, Event Cards

All of the Event cards have positive effects such as drawing cards or gaining combat or trade and I think that including them in your base deck adds a little variety to the game. The art on the cards is good, it’s bright and lively and looks suitably sci-fi.

Star Realms, Crisis Expansion, Heroes front of pack


The Heroes pack takes a slightly different twist on how the cards are used. Once they have been purchased they immediately enter play and then they stick around, a little like bases but they don’t actually do anything unless you scrap them. Once scrapped they provide a bonus, such as combat or trade and they also turn on ally abilities for the rest of the turn. Since they don’t have their faction icon in the top corner they don’t count as allies until they are scrapped.

Star Realms, Crisis Expansion, Heroes Cards

You get the normal 12 cards in the set with each faction receiving 3 heroes, 1 duplicated and another more powerful, single, hero. As these are one use cards they are all fairly cheap to bring into play with the most expensive costing just 2 trade. The art on these is ok, I personally like the Machine Cult heroes as they look very Adeptus Mechanicus but the Blob heroes look a little uninteresting by comparison.

Star Realms, Crisis Expansion, Fleets and Fortresses, Front of Pack

The third Crisis Mini-Expansion is the Fleets and Fortresses pack. This pack simply expands the cards from the base deck by adding more cards to each faction. All 4 factions get 3 new cards, a base and 2 ships which provide similar bonuses to the cards in the base deck.

Star Realms, Crisis Expansion, Fleets and Fortresses, Cards


I think it would have been a mistake to make an expansion that just adds new card types to the set and so Fleets and Fortresses gives you something that gives you more of the same game you like. If you just want to expand the factions from the base deck then this is the first pack that you should look at picking up, along with the Bases and Battleships pack (see below). The cards are nice with the art being of a similar style and standard to those in the base deck.

Star Realms, Crisis Expansion, Bases and Battleships, Front of Pack

Much the same as Fleets and Fortresses, Bases and Battleships adds extra cards to the factions in the Star Reals game that are played in the same way as the cards in the core set. Each Faction gets 3 new cards, 1 more expensive card (around 5 or 6 Trade cost) and a cheaper cards that is duplicated.

Star Realms, Crisis Expansion, Bases and Battleships, Cards

The Blobs and the Star Empire each get 2 bases and a more expensive ship whereas the Machine cult and Trade Federation just get 3 ships. If expanding the core game is what you are after then this, along with the Fleets and Fortresses expansion is what you want. Again, the art on the cards is nice and strongly resembles the base game in style and standard.

Overall the Crisis Expansion is a nice set of 4 Mini Expansions. I like the fact that each pack can be bought separately allowing players to pick and choose what they want to add to their game and it means that if they just want a bunch more ships and bases then they can pick up multiples of the Bases and Battleships and Fleets and Fortresses packs. the Heroes and Events packs bring a new element to the game, allowing a more random element to play when these cards come up but not so different as to make the game feel bloated by their inclusion.

Overall, for the price, the Crisis Expansion is a solid investment and well worth a look.

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