Star Realms Deck Box

Star Realms Deck Box – Review

Name: Star Realms Deck Box
Type: None Collectable Deck Building Game Accessory
Publisher: White Wizard Games
Size: 103mm x 110mm x 75mm
Price:  £6.00 (approximately)
Weight: 98g (empty) 563g (full)
Rating: 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Star Realms Deck Box

Having watched my Star Realms collection grow in recent months, combined with having decided to sleeve my whole collection it was becoming quickly apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to keep storing the set in the original box. First of all I picked up some cheap Ultra Pro deck protectors, since they’ve served me reasonably well in the past, but it wasn’t long, maybe a couple of weeks, before they began to show signs of wear and cracking.

Cracked Ultra Pro Deck Box

This was a little annoying, mostly because it meant I’d have to find another solution and so I hunted around for other solutions, although I’d spotted the official one a while back and had my eye on it. Deck protectors can run from the absurdly cheap, like the Ultra Pro’s, which were less than £2 each, to fairly expensive with some harder wearing options running to over £20. With that in mind it seemed like picking up the official one would make the most sense.

As seems to be a common trend for Star Realms I couldn’t find a UK supplier that sold the official deck box at all, never mind about at a reasonable price. In the end I used an Amazon seller in the US, the same one I sourced my Gambit set from, and managed to get it for a shade over £10, delivered, which was firmly in the mid range as far as deck boxes go.

Star Realms Deck Box, Top

The official deck box is a nice looking accessory. Not only does it have the Star Realms logo emblazoned on it but it is covered in full colour art from the game and that makes it look a hell of a lot better than the bright green Ultra Pro’s I had been using. The deck box is double sized, meaning it can house my entire collection, comprising of the base set, Gambit set and all 4 Crisis expansions, all sleeved and still have room for the rules and another couple of future expansions.

The box is made of a thin but solid plastic stock, not dissimilar from the Ultra Pro’s, but that doesn’t feel like it’ll be prone to cracking. It’s sealed with a Velcro strip on the front and, when open, shows two compartments to hold the cards. One compartment holds the cards horizontally and lies on the bottom of the box and the other sits vertically attached to the lid.

Star Realms Deck Box, Open

Inside the box you get 2 dividers, which have a full colour image on one side and are particularly useful for separating the starting decks from the Gambit cards and Trade deck.

Star Realms Deck Box, Dividers

Additionally the set comes with a card, which can only be obtained via this deck box or the larger deck box, the Mercenary Garrison. This is a nice little extra that doesn’t add so much to the game that you have to buy the deck box to remain competitive, but it’s certainly nice to have.

Star Realms Mercenary Garrison Promo Card

There isn’t much else to say really. I particularly like this deck box, not only because it holds my whole collection, but when I take pictures of the games we have on hand for games night, which I post to my Twitter (@nogamesnoglory), it serves to represent Star Realms a lot better than the green Ultra Pros ever did. Do you need to pick this up? Not really, any of the plethora of deck boxes on the market would serve the same purpose, but it’s certainly nice to have and it looks pretty awesome.

Star Realms Deck Box, Full

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