X-Wing Miniatures Game Dice Pack

X-Wing Miniatures Dice Pack

Name: X-Wing Miniatures Game Dice Pack.
Type: Miniatures Game Accessory
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Players: 1-2
Price:  £6.99 Each
Rating: 3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

X-Wing Miniatures Game Dice Pack

I didn’t buy into the X-Wing Miniatures game in the ‘traditional’ way, which is picking up two core sets since that method works out cheaper than buying the 2nd set of 3 ships separately and provides and extra set of templates, dice and cards etc. This mean that I only had 3 each of the attack and defense dice which is a little annoying as 3 of each isn’t even enough to deal with some of the situations out of the core box never mind range 1 Decimators with Expose or Cloaked Phantoms at range 3 behind asteroids.

So this meant actually I had to shell out for another set of dice, which FFG do sell, in a pack containing 3 of each and that’s exactly what I did (well I got them as a Christmas present but that’s beside the point, I would have bought them if someone hadn’t bought from my Amazon wishlist).

They came is a small blister pack, one much smaller than the ones the ships come in so FFG at least appear to be environmentally conscious with their packaging. Inside you get the 6 dice, 3 each of the 8 sided Green Defense dice and Red Attack dice.

X-Wing Miniatures Game, Dice

What else can I say? They are good quality dice and do the job I need them to. I think the pack is a little expensive considering that the dice are nothing but custom faced D8s and not particularly fancy ones at that. I also think that they are a touch expensive considering that you pretty much need them to play the game, even the game right out of the box.

All in all they are OK, I’m glad I have them but I don’t think that you should have to buy a 2nd core box or this pack, you should get 6 of each in the core box because that’s how many you need to play the game.

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