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Y-Wing Unboxing


Y-Wing Front View

I realise as I write this that doing an unboxing for a Y-Wing seems a little redundant as unboxings tend to primarily preview unreleased items or showcase recently released ones. Well the intention of this is to cater to those new to the game, who are considering a Y-Wing but aren’t sure what they will get. From my point of view, I’m pretty new to X-Wing having properly bought in in the last few months after dabbling and playing with friend’s ships since the release of the game, and the Y-Wing has been unavailable for a reasonable price in the UK while I’ve been collecting. That all changed recently as the reprints of some out of stock ships finally made their way to our fair shores and so I took the opportunity to get my hands on two of them for my Rebels.

The Y-Wing was released as part of Wave 1 of the X-Wing Miniatures Game back in September 2012 and is a staple of the Star Wars setting. The Y-Wing was present in A New Hope (or just Star Wars to those old enough to remember when it was just one film…) at the battle of Yavin, represented by Green and Gold Squadrons and is almost as iconic as an X-Wing or TIE Fighter. This makes it a must for anyone looking to build a collection rather than field the best force. I’ll stop before I go into too much detail around lists and the use of the ship in the game as this is an unboxing and not a review or discussion.

As you can from the pictures, the Y-Wing comes in the standard blister pack style that FFG use for their smaller X-Wing ships. The packaging is light, durable and protects the precious ship very effectively while in transit. The outer packaging is all clear plastic and this allows you to get a good, top down, view of the ship from the front. The back of the packaging shows the inner sleeve which gives a little bit of fluff about the ship and details the contents.

Boxed Y-Wing, FrontBoxed Y-Wing, Back As is states on the back of the package, inside you get-

– 1 x Painted Y-Wing Ship and stand with pegs ( 2 pegs to be exact)
– 1 x Y-Wing Ship Manoeuvre dial (with rebel markings)
– 10 x Cards (I’ll give some detail as to what these are later)
– 17 x Tokens (Again, more detail a little later)

The Y-Wing ship itself is a really nice sculpt with a good amount of detail. The paint scheme is primarily the standard grey used on all the rebel ships with black ink used to bring out the detail. A pale yellow/gold colour has been used to paint a V shape on the cockpit and the front of the engines have been picked out in the same colour to mark the ship as part of the famous Gold Squadron. The paint job is ok, at least on the ships I have, but it’s nothing truly outstanding and it actually a little messy on the yellow/gold touches on the engines. One curious thing that I didn’t realise until I got my hands on the ship is just how thin it is, just 5.5mm at the thickest part of it’s engine compared to a Z95 Headhunter, the 2nd thinnest Rebel ship which is around 8.5mm at it’s thickest and which feels like a bulkier ship. I know it’s a weird thing to focus on so much but it really did surprise me.

Click for a full 360 degree view of the Y-Wing-

Y-Wing 360 view

As well as the ship you get a number of other items in the package-

Y-Wing Contents

There are two types of cards in the pack, the large Pilot cards and the smaller ship upgrade cards Additionally there are the various tokens which, as with all FFG games, come printed and punched on a larger card sheet which means you need to pop them out yourself.

Y- Wing, Upgrade CardsY-Wing, Pilot Cards












Y-Wing, Unpunched Tokens

The Pilot cards are-

  • Gold Squadron Pilot (18 points)- Unique to this set
  • Grey Squadron Pilot (20 points)- Unique to this set
  • ‘Dutch’ Vander (23 points)- Unique to this set
  • Horton Salm (25 points)- Unique to this set

The Upgrade cards are-


  • Proton Torpedoes x 2 (4 points)- Available in the Core Set, the X-Wing Set and the B Wing set as well


  • R5-D8 Astromech (3 points)- Unique to this set
  • R2 Astromech (1 Point)- Unique to this set


  • Ion Cannon Turret (5 Points)- Available in the HWK 290 set as well

In addition you also get a single Ion rule card that is the same size as the Pilot Cards.

The art on the cards is nice with the standout to me being the Astromechs as it looks liket the individuality of the droids has been captured really well. I also like the fact that the ‘Dutch’ Vander card art has him flying in a Y-Wing with Gold Squadron livery as ‘Dutch’ is one of Gold Squadron’s leaders. Specifically the art has ‘Dutch’ taking part in what looks like the trench run from the Death Star attack at the battle of Yavin from the end of A New Hope. This just goes to show that FFG really take the established lore of Star Wars into account when designing the cards and further endears them to the fan base.

The tokens included in the set are-

  • Shields x 3
  • Stress x 1
  • Ion x 1
  • Damage x 1
  • Focus x 1
  • ID Token numbers 16 and 17 (x3 of each)
  • Target Lock Tokens Q and R (x2 of each double sided, red and blue)
  • Ship Tokens- Double sided Horton Salm/Grey Squadron Pilot and ‘Dutch’ Vander/Gold Squadron Pilot
  • Ship Maneuver Dial base and top

Y-Wing, Punched TokensY-Wing, Genreic Pilot Ship Tokens




Y-Wing, Elite Pilot Shipe Tokens







Like all X-Wing Miniatures Game sets, you need to put the Manoeuvre Dial together yourself by popping out the base and to from the card sheet and then using the plastic pin to fix them both together.

Overall a good set and a nice addition to any Rebel Collection. It should be noted that, at the time or writing, this set is only an expansion for the Rebels and does not include any pilots usable by the Scum and Villainy faction. Aside from the Ion Turret and Proton Torpedoes there are no cards in this set that can be used in a Scum and Villainy list although FFG have confirmed that the Rebel dial can be used as part of a legal Scum and Villainy Tournament list.


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