YT-2400, Boxed

YT-2400 Freighter Unboxing

YT-2400, Boxed

The YT-2400 Freighter makes up one half of the 5th Wave of ships for the X-Wing miniatures game, along with the Imperial Decimator. This ship is also the second large ship available for the rebel fleet and can be likened to the YT-1300, otherwise known as the Millennium Falcon, as, in the fluff, they are both part of the same line of ships made by the the Corellian Engineering Corporation.

Just as the YT-1300 has it’s banner being flown by the Millennium Falcon the YT-2400 is represented most famously by the Outrider. The Outrider is the ship of the famed fringer Dash Rendar who is also included in this set as both an elite pilot and a crew upgrade card.

The box is the same size as all of the other large ship boxes (excluding the mammoth Decimator) with the standard window on the right hand side displaying the ship, which is shown from a top down perspective this time. Inside the box you’ll find-

  • 1 x YT-2400 Freighter ship
  • 1 x Large ship stand with 2 pegs
  • 1 x Manoeuvre dial
  • 2 x Ship base tokens
  • 19 x Cards (split between Pilot Cards, Upgrade cards, and Rules Cards, I’ll go into more detail in a little bit)
  • 17 x tokens (I’ll detail what there are in a little later as well)
  • 1 x rule booklet

YT-2400, contents

I’ll start by taking a look at the ship itself. The YT-2400 is smaller than the other large ships by a reasonable degree as you can see by taking a look at it compared to the Millennium Falcon here-

YT-2400, Millennium Falcon Comparison

The paint job on the ship is a bit hit and miss. From the top I think it looks awesome, the detailing around the cockpit, the scorch marks near the exhaust ports, even the little touches of red and yellow, they all serve to make the model look excellent. The flip side is that paint around the primary escape pod and on the underside, especially the bottom of the cockpit, is weak at best. On my model the bottom of the cockpit looks practically unpainted, which is a shame. However, on a second ship I have the paint job is complete and thorough.

The model itself is a nice enough sculpt but it is a bit lacking compared to the other large ship sculpts. For a start this ship has no moving parts which isn’t exactly a deal breaker but it does make it seem like less time was spent on the YT-2400 than any of the other large ships. The model also has a couple of points that seem like they might be prone to snapping, namely the top and bottom mounted turret guns. As a matter of fact the guns on the underside of my ship came bent out of shape in the box, something I’ve reached out to Fantasy Flight Games about, to see if they can tell me how to put them back into the correct position. UPDATE- Today I received a replacement YT-2400 in the post from FFG. That is mind blowing customer service.



YT-2400, TopYT-2400, side view









YT-2400, Front YT-2400, Back






YT-2400, Bottom

Much like the Millennium Falcon before it, the YT-2400 has a turret as a primary weapon, which means that it can fire outside of it’s firing arc, in a full 360 degree radius, making it particularly versatile. The Outrider title allows the YT-2400 to fire a secondary weapon outside of it’s firing arc, giving you a substantial number of options for how you use the ship depending on what role you need it to fill.

YT-2400, Pilots

You get 4 pilots in this set, one generic pilot and 3 elite ones, all of which are unique. The set includes the famous Dash Rendar, who is the most expensive pilot in the expansion and has an excellent elite pilot ability that allows him to ignore obstacles when moving and taking actions. The pilot cards have some nice artwork of the ship in a variety of situations but are nothing outstanding. The complete list of pilots is-

  • Dash Rendar
  • Leebo
  • Eaden Vrill
  • Wild Space Fringer

There are a lot of upgrade cards in this set, many of them unique or near unique which makes the set a valuable resource for anyone that needs the upgrade cards for tournament lists. A complete list of the upgrade cards is-


  • Dash Rendar (unique to this set)
  • Leebo (unique to this set)
  • Lando Calrissian (unique to this set)
  • Gunner (available in the Slave 1 Expansion Pack)
  • Mercenary Copilot (available in the Slave 1 Expansion Pack)


  • Countermeasures x 2 (unique to this set)
  • Experimental Interface (unique to this set)


  • Heavy Laser Cannon (available in the Slave 1 and Lambda-Class Shuttle Expansion Packs)


  • Lone Wolf (unique to this set)
  • Stay on Target (unique to this set)


  • Outrider (unique to this set)


  • Proton Rockets (available in the Rebel Aces set)

YT-2400 Upgrade Cards

The art on these cards is of the same standard as the previous expansion packs, which is the same high standard I have come to expect from Fantasy Flight Games. In particular I like the image of the Mon Calamari on the Experimental Interface card. The other massive bonus of this set, to me at least, is the inclusion of the Gunner card, previously only available in the Slave 1 set, which is a staple of virtually any Han Solo themed Millennium Falcon set up. As a rebel only player finally getting my hands on this card is a really big deal an I’m really pleased that Fantasy Flight Games decided to reprint it for this expansion.

In addition to all these cards the set also has both a Boost Action and an Ion Token rules card included.

In addition to all the cards you also get the obligatory pile of tokens which, excluding the manoeuvre dial are-

  • 5 x Shield tokens
  • 1 x Stress tokens
  • 2 x Ion tokens
  • 3 x Debris cloud tokens
  • 5 x Cache tokens for missions
  • 1 x Focus token
  • 2 x ship tokes (both double sided, Leebo/Wild Space Fringer and Dash Rendar/Eaden Vrill)

YT-2400, Tokens

Noticeably absent from the tokens are the target locks and ID number tokens. Since Rebel Aces included target locks using double letters (AA and CC) is seems that Fantasy Flight Games finally decided that players own enough of each of these and have stopped putting them in the expansions. This is a big step for Fantasy Flight Games as they adore their tokens and try to add as many as possible to their products, usually far more than is necessary.

The debris cloud tokens are worth mentioning because these are the first addition to the terrain in the game since the starter box’s asteroids. The debris clouds function in a similar way to asteroids, in that they are obstacles that inhibit line of side and have the potential to cause damage when you fly through them but, as is befitting the scattered nature of debris clouds, they will cause stress to a pilot that tries to do so. In addition debris clouds don’t make you lose your attack when you land on them, making them a little more forgiving than asteroids. The downside of the release of the debris clouds is now I need to figure out how to make some 3D models for them.

This is a nice expansion but it’s a shame that it was released at the same time as the vastly more impressive Imperial Decimator because it’s somewhat overshadowed. Dash Rendar is a much loved character from the fluff and his ship the Outrider has been long awaited in the game and now it’s here it is an interesting and valuable addition to the Rebel Fleet. This is a ship that Rebel Players should own but it’s by no means perfect, the paint job is a touch haphazard and the model feels like it hasn’t had quite as much thought put into it as the other huge ships. Despite all of it’s issues though this is definitely an expansion I would recommend players to get.

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