Z95 Headhunter Boxed

Z95 Headhunter Unboxing

Z95 Headhunter Boxed


The Z95 Headhunter is a Rebel ship for the X-Wing Miniatures Game that was released as part of the 4th wave of expansions for the game. The Headhunter is a low cost jousting ship that forms the backbone of any Rebel Swarm and was the support to Paul Heaver’s 2014 World Championship winning list. In term of in game fluff the Z95 is a precursor to the X-Wing and shares a very similar shape, making it look and feel familiar, although it doesn’t have the classic open S-Foil look of the X-Wing.

The ship comes packaged in the now familiar blister pack style that all of the small ships come in. The ship is well protected by an internal moulded plastic holder and all of the cards and tokens are contained behind this bagged up in resealable bags. Inside the set you’ll find-

  • 1 x Z95 Headhunter Ship
  • 1 x Small ship stand with 2 pegs
  • 1 x Manoeuvre Dial (with Rebel artwork)
  • 2 x Ship Base tokens
  • 11 x Cards (split between Pilot cards, Rules cards and Upgrade cards, more on these in a little bit)
  • 17 x Tokens (again I’ll break these down in more detail soon)

Z95 Headhunter complete contents

Looking at the ship itself it is, as already mentioned, very similar in appearance to the X-Wing, albeit with the S-Foils closed. The ship is primarily the standard grey of the Rebel forces with blue lines down each side of the nose, on the wings and directly behind the cockpit. The engines have been washed heavily with black to give a used look to the exhaust area. Overall the paint job is nice and simple and as I own 5 of them I can say that it’s consistent.

The ship has very average statistics, 2 across the board, but it comes in at a very cheap 12 points for the basic PS2 version making it the Rebel equivalent of the TIE Fighter, although it is significantly less manoeuvrable. As standard it can has a Missile Slot and makes a reasonable Missile platform.

Z95 Headhunter, Pilot Cards

As is standard the set comes with 4 Pilots cards split between 2 generic and 2 elite. The most expensive Pilot in the set comes in at the bargain price of 19 points but it is the 12 and 13 point generic Pilots that see the most play. In terms of the abilities of the elite Pilots there abilities are interesting and have yet to find a place in top tier lists. Lieutenant Blout’s ability, in particular, to count any attack as a hit, even if it does no damage, has some interesting interplay with some of the Missile options. The complete list of Pilots is-

  • Airen Cracken
  • Lieutenant Blout
  • Tala Squadron Pilot
  • Bandit Squadron Pilot

You get 5 Upgrade cards in the set, 2 of which are unique to the set overall. Of all the upgrades the most useful, to me at least, is the Munitions failsafe as this prevents costly misses with secondary weapons. The complete list of cards is-


  • Munitions Failsafe (also found in the TIE Defender set)


  • Wingman (Unique to this set)
  • Decoy (Unique to this set)


  • Assault Missiles (also found in the Slave 1, TIE Bomber and Millennium Falcon sets)
  • Ion Pulse Missiles (also found in the TIE Defender set)

Z95 Headhunter, Upgrade Cards

The art on the cards is ok, but nothing really stands out. Much like the set as a whole the art is solid, dependable but not exceptional in it’s own right. In addition to the Pilot an Upgrade cards the set also comes with the Ion and Modification and Title rules reference cards.

As normal you also get a sizeable pile of tokens in the set. Nothing included is unique but there is enough to field the ship without the need own other sets. In total you get-

  • 2 x Shield tokens
  • 2 x Ion tokens
  • 1 x Critical Hit token
  • 1 x Stress token
  • 1 x Focus token
  • 2 x 3 ID tokens (numbers 35 and 36)
  • 2 x Target Lock tokens (M and N)
  • 2 x Ship tokens (Both Double sided Lieutenant Blout/Bandit Squadron Pilot and Airen Cracken/Tala Squadron Pilot

Z95 Headhunter, Tokens

Overall this is a good set. The cheap points cost of the Z95 makes it wholeheartedly worthwhile a it can be fit into almost any list for the price of a couple of upgrades.

At the time of writing the Scum and Villainy Faction is due an imminent release and that will likely cause an upturn in the number of Z95’s sold as it is one of the multi-faction ships (along with the Y-Wing, HWK 290 and Firespray).  The only cards in this set that can’t be used with Scum and Villainy are the Pilot cards and so the set is still a worthwhile purchase for Scum players. It should be noted that FFG have now confirmed, as part of the Tournament FAQ, that you will be able to use Rebel dials and ships as part of a legal Scum and Villainy Tournament List, provided you have the correct Scum and Villainy Pilot cards and base tokens. This is very, very good news.

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