#RPGaDAY 2105, Day 2, Kickstarted game you are most pleased you backed


This one is, rather unfortunately, very easy. I’ve only backed two RPGs on Kickstarter, Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition and Paranoia. If you’ve read my Highs and Lows of Kickstarting Games post you’ll know my feelings on the Call of Cthulhu project (and if you haven’t read it shame on you!). Well, over 2 years post funding and I still don’t have a copy of Cthulhu, never mind the stretch goals of add ons and I’m not likely to in the immediate future.

That leaves Paranoia, which is also running behind but to nowhere near as drastic a degree. So Paranoia is the RPG I’m most glad I backed. The levels were good and I’ll be getting and exclusive version of the boxed set when it eventually. Paranoia is a game I’ve only played a couple of times before but it was always stupid amounts of idiotic fun when I did and that was reason enough to back it.

As it stands at the moment, it looks like it’ll be excellent when released, with a bespoke system designed to help highlight the style of game and that makes me pretty excited.

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