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RPGaDay 2016- Day 23, One of my best ‘worst luck’ stories.


It’s not one of mine, as in one for my character, but it’s one that happened to a character in one of my games.

A few years back I thought it’d be really good fun to try and arrange a new gaming day, one that would be once a month or so, be a little more casual than my normal sessions and would allow me to try and run some of the many adventures and games that I’ve never really managed to get going. In this case I thought it’d be really good fun to run the epic Rod of Seven Parts.

Rod of Seven Parts Box Aer

Only one of my players had ever actually played 2nd ed AD&D before and I was insistent that it be run in 2nd ed since that was all part of the experience I was trying to convey. We made some 12th level characters and went straight into it.

The first couple of encounters went well enough, with everyone getting used to their characters and abilities before they reached the first proper dungeon. Just outside the dungeon is an encounter, a fairly low level one with some generic monsters who have set some traps for the party. The group attack them as expected and one of the party, the thief, played by my friend Alex, succumbed to a pit trap and fell, injuring his leg.

The rest of the party were engaged in combat and Alex set about climbing out. Just as he reached the top of the pit the monsters attacked again, pushing him back down and throwing pots of burning oil in on him, resulting in another failed save and his sudden, unexpected first death.

The rest of the party survived and we quickly decided that Alex’s thief had an identical twin brother who also happened to be a thief and was only  few minutes behind the party and, soon, they were on their way into the dungeon.

Well, the party decided that Alex should go first, being the thief, and check from traps, which he did and FAILED, resulting in another, yep, you guessed it, another failed save. This time a giant boulder slipped down from the ceiling and crushed him. Five minutes in game, two deaths.

Alex was a bit annoyed by this time and so he just declared he was playing the same character again, maybe it was a triplet, i can’t recall. Either way he basically carried on with the same character. He went forward, checked for traps, failed, rolled another save, failed, and was crushed by another identical trap 10 further feet down the corridor.

Three deaths with the same character inside of 10 minutes in game, he wasn’t a happy gamer. The session did continue and Alex rolled up a mage, and then basically cast invisibility and stayed invisible for the rest of the night, hiding in the corner of an room the party went into.