Feldherr Case, front

Feldherr Miniatures Case- An Accessory Review

Feldherr Case, front

Like so many gamers, so many times before me, I recently find myself lacking for space for new toys, specifically for tiny spaceships with which to play X-Wing. Everything was going fine until I bought into Scum and Villainy and then, all of a sudden, I found myself having to leave models in precarious places, like on top of display cabinets, which all but guarantees that my cat will consider them to be her property.

So, what does a gamer with too many toys do? We’ll they sure as hell doesn’t get rid of any if there is another option available and so I started thinking that I should probably buy myself a case. Getting a case served duel purposes, it means that my models can remain whole and out of reach of the cat and it means I can more easily transport them for games. I looked around, I’ve already got a sizable KR Multicase filled with far too many Tyranids and a couple of GW cases, so I knew what I was getting if I bought another of those. Obviously if I bought a GW case I’d need to go out and buy pluck foam or customer foam to make them fit for purpose which would factor into the decision making process.

After looking around and chatting a friend in a similar position, I started taking a look at Feldherr. Feldherr are a German company that specialises in custom cut foam for a variety of games systems, including X-Wing. The main reason for discounting them in the past has been postage (around £12) but since both my friend and I were getting cases it pushed the total over the threshold for free shipping (£60) and that put them firmly in contention.

Feldherr Case, Contents

I decided on a case for my Rebels, since it’s Rebels I primarily have and went for one that would hold the Falcon, Outrider, Transport and another 25 or so ships depending on whether I wanted to store tokens in there as well. This set me back just shy of £32.00, delivered, as I opted to buy another top piece of foam to make sure everything is nice and protected.

Delivery was swift, we order on Monday and they were delivered the following Friday in a small box. Unlike KR cases the Feldherr ones come with a fabric case as standard so we didn’t have to look at paying extra to upgrade from cardboard.

Feldherr Case, full view

The case is nice and compact and the foam comes in half layer pieces so you can easily swap and change it if you need to. The cases dimensions are 38cm x 29cm x 14cm (approximately) and with just the foam inside it weighs in at a tiny 647g. The case is black with a rubber Feldherr badge on the front giving the case a very smart appearance. It comes with a sturdy rubber handle on top, 4 rubber feet underneath, a detatchable shoulder strap and a zip pocket in the front for storing rules books etc. The case has a duel zip opening system and inside it is lined with red material with the Feldherr logo printed on it, again looking very smart and professional.

Feldherr Case, Open and Empty
The trays are all grey foam and are approximately 27cm x 17cm x 4.7cm with the foam being cut to a depth of 3.7cm throughout. As I said, the trays are all half size so you can easily buy more for large ships and swap and change as needed. There is very little wasted space on each of the trays so you can fit the maximum amount of models in.

Feldherr Case, Rebel Trays

I did a quick test to see whether the case would hold trays made by KR or GW and whether the trays from Feldherr would fit in a KR or GW case and in all tests the answer was yes. KR trays are a little wider than the Feldherr ones but they still fit in the case since the fabric has a little bit of give in it. This is great news though since it means you can mix and match between companies since it’s significantly cheaper to order singe foam trays from KR than it is from Feldherr.  For comparison here are trays from the 3 companies side by side, Feldherr-KR-GW-

Feldherr, KR, Games Workshop Tray Size Comparison

The spaces for the ships vary a fair bit on the trays. Those specifically cut for the Large Ships are perfect and hold those ships very nicely while providing space nearby for the stands and pegs. As small ships vary in size considerable from tiny A-Wings and M3-A’s to significantly bulkier B-Wings and the oddly shaped StarViper it would be very hard to design a space that would cater for all sizes. For the most part I found that every single Rebel ship could fit in slot, with it’s flight stand attached by 2 pegs, with the exception of the B-Wing and Y-Wing. Both of these latter ships fir in slots but their stands need to be removed first, although you can still store the stand in the same space.

As for using the spaces for storing tokens or dice when travelling to games/tournaments I found that you can fit a surprising amount in the case overall, as you can see from the picture below. I even found it easy to store a full set of Cog o Two movement templates between the foam topper layers.

Feldherr Case, Full

Completely full, as you see above, the case still weighed less than a kilo at 941g.

I’ve got to say, I think that this case is fantastic value for money. The production values are high, it looks smart and, most importantly, it protects my tiny spaceships from damage and makes it much easier to transport them for games. The postage can be a little off-putting because you do have to import them but if there are a couple of people in your group who need cases then ordering together negates that completely. If I find myself in need of another case I’ll certainly be considering Feldherr first.

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